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Any omneo users or ex-omeno users?

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janey17 Thu 18-May-06 17:44:33

My ds2 has been on omneo since about 6 weeks old. It was miraculous - prior to that a very screechy and unsettled baby though we never really knew whether the root of the problem was lactose or silent reflux. He's now 6 months and I'm thinking of moving to a more 'practical' milk for travelling in the summer [ie: one that doesn't have to made 'hot' etc.] Does anyone have any experience of omneo withdrawal?? Will the screeching return?? Is he old enough to tolerate other milks now? V grateful for any advice!

nutcracker Thu 18-May-06 18:07:17

I used Omneo with my Ds who is now 3.5 so am racking my brains to try and remember.

I am pretty sure that I changed him to progress milk at 6mths and he was fine, no screeching or anything, it was only as a tiny baby we had that problem.

It's good stuff isn't it that Omneo !, I was so relieved when it worked.

Yafta Thu 18-May-06 18:08:20

We also changed our dd to SMA after about 6 monts with no problems. She seemed over 'it' by then - whatever 'it' was!!

Coolmama Fri 19-May-06 20:20:46

Did the same thing with DS - at 6 months or there abouts I just switched to the omneo follow-on level 2 formula - never made it hot - always used cooled water.

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