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Dd becoming a bit obsessed!

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Caitycat Tue 30-Apr-13 22:57:10

Dd is 8mo and has always bf well. In the last week though she has finished a feed and then when I have pulled my top down she keeps pulling at it and trying to get back to my nipples for a further feed, if I let her she gives a quick suck bur clearly doesn't want more milk and will then play with my nipples with her fingers. If I don't let her back or when I cover up again she cries hysterically until I can distract her with something else. It is worse with looser summer clothes as she can get her hand down my top more easily. Is there anything I can do to preempt this so she doesn't get so distressed?

woopsidaisy Tue 30-Apr-13 23:27:25

DS3 8mo loves playing with my nipple after a feed. That reads all kind of wrong, but you know what I mean. grin
I don't particularly care, but he does tend to pinch and pull which isn't very nice for me. He doesn't give out though, easily distracted. Sorry, not much help, but you're not alone!

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