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Bye-bye to BF for 10mo, what a BATTLE!

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pen73 Thu 18-May-06 07:26:20

We've got to 10mo, DD has been on solids since 5 mo as she's a hungry miss. Since 7mo she's only had BF at 6.30am and 6.30pm at bedtime, plus formula on cereal at breakfast. After an unexpected and painful blocked milk duct last week, I think I'm ready to end the BF. She's really messing about on the boob now and it's getting a bit tedious tbh. Fingers in eyes, up my nose, slapping my chest, and generally crawling around on my lap - a bit like feeding an octopus . I thought it would be best to drop the am feed then the pm feed as this is more of her bed ritual. 3 days now of offering bottle(avent with green spout, which she drinks water from) in morning and she's now crying in anticipation when the pottle comes out. Each time I've eventually given in and resorted to BF then offered bottle after a little BF. 1st time I gave her EBM but last 2 couldn't be doing with rising at 6am to express and it seems to be taking forever as I think my milk supply is not what it used to be. Is this a way forward or will it never end? I've been offered the chance to go out next week in the evening but this will mean DD at grandparents at night for 1st time and no BF at bedtime. Am I asking too much or is cold turkey at grandparents a good option. Shall I just give them earplugs?? How long did it take for you to make this transition? I feel like maybe I should just switch both feeds to bottle rather than doing battle with one and then battle with the other a couple of weeks later. Any experiences/feedback welcomed. I can't stand the tears!

charmkin Thu 18-May-06 07:47:13

With dd I went cold turkey at 10 months ( looking back it was probably a nursing strike cos she was teething) and although you get sore boobs it was all over in about 3 days. She had to take a cup from dh and was a bit funny with me but at 10months they forget quickly.

Now I am in the same situation with ds who is 11 months. Want to give up but can't really face it yet. Maybe will wait till half term when dh is off and I can just leave the room during feeds.

Are you going onto formula or straight onto cows milk?

pen73 Thu 18-May-06 08:25:11

I was giving cows milk for a while for her breafast cereal & afternoon feed (of which she only has about 2oz), then switched to formula as I was worried about nutrients etc. I had intended to BF till 12 mo so I could go straight to cows but the block duct last week, the messing about and the appearance of her top incisors and me generally wanting a bit more freedom to go out of an evening and have others put her to sleep means I've kind of had enough. I think 10 mo is pretty good going. So I was thinking I would stick with formula for the next little bit. Do you think it's OK to go straight to cows already? If so I'll just get through the formula I have now and not buy any more.

Did your DD drink all the feed from the cup? So far I've only managed to get mine to drink little swigs of water and up to about 2-3 oz milk with a spout. I can't imagine her being able to drink a whole feed but it must be possible.

charmkin Fri 19-May-06 17:21:56

I think I am going to go straight onto cow's milk. I hate formula and after persevering with bfeeding all this time it seems a shame to go onto it. Plus they've had such a good start. Some babies who have had formula all along then go onto cow's milk at 12 months and they are fine! He has a really good diet, he just eats what we eat and he the right size for his age, not sickly.

My dd drank it all from the cup in the end but it built up. She didn't do it all straight away.

Good luck!

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