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4 day old cluster feeding?

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philbee Mon 29-Apr-13 03:54:02

She's been feeding almost every hour since this afternoon. Barely sleeping. Is this normal? It seems early for a growth spurt.

MrsEddChina Mon 29-Apr-13 03:59:46

Normal, she will be telling your body to produce more milk. Especially if it hasn't come in yet.

Congratulations as well!

HullMum Mon 29-Apr-13 04:03:36

very normal unfortunately wink good luck, congrats and remember how much good you're doing when it starts to get too much, and then remember it gets easier

sugarandspite Mon 29-Apr-13 04:06:01

Completely normal - sorry!

I think the trick is to try and make it as bearable for yourself as possible. So make sure you are settled and comfy with everything you need in reach. Eat and drink loads. Plan on doing nothing else but feed.

Try to look after your nipples whenever she isn't latched on (lansinoh and air drying).

If you can, feeding lying down will be less tiring for you - and if you fall asleep then she'll be safe.

If you need to, don't worry about making her take regular short breaks just to let you take care of yourself. She may be unhappy but will cope for a short period. Get DH to walk her / jiggle her / put her in the sling / let her suck on a clean finger while you have a cup of tea on your own for 5 mins.

Honestly it will get easier x

Heavenlywineandroses Mon 29-Apr-13 04:26:50

Yes,it's normal. Can someone drop my DD a copy of the memo telling her cluster feeding at 7 mo is unacceptable. She seems to have lost hers.

Congratulations by the way. The early days are so hard as you are recovering from the birth and probably a bit shocked to find the term "sleepless nights" is literal. You'll be surprised at how quickly you'll adapt.

philbee Mon 29-Apr-13 04:59:59

Thank you all. She was just calm for a bit so I got half an hour's sleep. Milk came in yesterday so I guess she's making the most of it! I do remember cluster feeding with DD1 but thought she was a bit older, plus that was over 4 years ago so memory is hazy! Will try feeding lying down and get DH to take her in a couple of hours. Hopefully it will pass soon. as you say, Heavenly, clambering around all night is pretty hard on the stitches!

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