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Return of periods already?!?!

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lucywiltshire Sun 28-Apr-13 22:40:38

DS2 is 9 weeks old and my periods are back already. I am bfing on demand (every 3 hrs approx). Could this mean my milk supply is low as all my friends who are bfing have been period free until they weaned!

Twattybollocks Sun 28-Apr-13 23:11:02

No not at all. My period came back this week and dd is 12 weeks. She is growing and gaining weight perfectly well so obv I have enough milk. My periods came back at 6 weeks with dd1 and I fed her until she weaned onto solids at 6 months.
The only annoying thing is that my supply goes up and down with my cycle so there are certain days where she is feeding a lot more often, then a few days later my hormones stabilise and my supply comes back up.

LauraSmurf Sun 28-Apr-13 23:12:24

I really don't think it has any relation to your milk supply.

I got periods back 6 weeks post birth despite EBF. But then I have a very strong hormone cycle ( stated by my Gyn and GP when trying various birth control methods throughout life)

We are just unlucky! Please get birth control sorted right now as you are more fertile afterbirth I believe and certainly

LauraSmurf Sun 28-Apr-13 23:13:04

Have anecdotal evidence in the form of 3 friends with 1 year or less gaps!!

HootShoot Sun 28-Apr-13 23:15:45

Mine came back after 3 months and I ebf until dd was a year old. I really felt cheated I must say!

ShowOfHands Sun 28-Apr-13 23:17:56

Mine came back despite hourly feeds at 11 weeks with dc1.

DC2 slept through v young and my periods stayed away for a year.

Totally random here.

BabsAndTheRu Sun 28-Apr-13 23:20:48

My period returned all three times exactly five weeks after giving birth, and BF all three DC'S until 10 months old. My sister was the same. Didn't effect milk supply, as one of the other posters said just one of the unlucky ones. I felt really cheated as well as was looking forward to period free few months. Hey ho.

ijustwanttobuyabloodyhouse Sun 28-Apr-13 23:21:03

5 weeks with both of my DC's, despite ebf , and bf until they were well over a year. You have the right to be utterly fucked off, OP. I was!

CitrusyOne Sun 28-Apr-13 23:23:15

6 wks with dd. Supply did dip a bit at first during first couple of days bleeding but soon sorted itself out.

lucywiltshire Mon 29-Apr-13 19:33:28

thanks everyone - good to know that it is nothing to worry about! still very fed up though as was looking forward to a few more months of no pmt!!

CitrusyOne Mon 29-Apr-13 21:41:13

I went on mini pill and was a bit lot hormonal for a few weeks but dd is six months now and still bfing and not quite as hormonal smile

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