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Self-weaning or nursing strike? Help!!

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Abigail9580 Thu 25-Apr-13 23:12:33

My DS is 8.5m. Exclusively bf until blw at 6m. He eats like a horse now (3 big meals a day and healthy snacks inbetween) I have been continuing to bf him, but now I am back to work so had to cut his day feeds out. He was a bottle refuser, so hv suggested a tippee cup. Working like a dream. He has ff with lunch. But now he is rejecting bf in the morning and night and dream feed. So I am so worried I'm not giving him enough milk during the day to counteract this bf refusal. Help!! How much ff do I need to give? Do I try a bottle?
Any advice very much appreciated as its really stressing me out, and I don't want to do the wrong thing. Xx

5madthings Thu 25-Apr-13 23:15:32

Sounds like a nursing strike, too.young to self wean.

I wouldnt bothet with a bottle, just offer him.feeds, try dif positions, in the bath, when sleepy etc.

Have a look on kellymom who have good info and also the annalytical armadillo and leakyboob on fb are good smile

Is he teething? Or it coukd just be the change in routine if he has recently started at chikdcare etc. Fingers crossed he is feeding again asap xx

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