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4mth old FF baby seemingly struggling with bottle

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10oclocknews Thu 25-Apr-13 21:55:58

DD is 20wks old and still really fusses when feeding. Brief history (ok not V brief)...fed aptamil 1st milk from 5days old with TT CTN bottles. All seemed well until DD was admitted to hospital at 3 wks old with an unidentified infection. She had IV antibiotics for 4 days. When we came home she constantly fussed, suffered badly with wind and displayed lots of signs of silent reflux. As long as she was being held/pushed in pram she was quite content, but as soon as feeding commenced she was very agitated and quite unsettled for a little while after. HV watched a feed and said DD was in obvious discomfort and to try comfort milk...A ...Comfort milk seemed to work well and also changed to Avent bottles on advice from a friend who said TT bottles gave her LO bad wind. Change of milk and bottles seemed to settle the problems a little. However, after a few weeks the problem seemed to re appear / peak so back to docs. Doc examined DD by then 10wks, and said she was very bloated probably caused by temp lactose intolerance from IV AB combined with immature digestive system and prescribed colief.......Again seemed to work initially...DD poohed better and was less bloated. However, relief was short lived and feeds became difficult again. Back to docs....DD now 13 weeks......Silent reflux suggested and gaviscon prescribed.....Gaviscon has definately helped in terms of having a much more settled baby.....Feeds became less stressful and more relaxed and DD was very content......No longer labelled her little miss angry !!!

However, for the last few weeks feeding her has become such a faff and both myself and DH dread it as we know we have a fight. She sees her bottle and the little legs go and the mouth is open but after a few sucks she starts to pull on and off the teat, getting frustrated. She wants the milk but when you put it in her mouth she will suck once or twice and get cross....We moved up a teat size but made no difference....she is getting the milk out and she spits a lot of it out too...its all over her chin.....After a little bit (less than an oz sometimes), we have to stop because the fussing is so bad and put her dummy in (this keeps her happy) and wind her.....she will give a massive burp.....also when she drinks she is very noisy (only recently) and you can hear the milk gurgling rather loudly as it enters her tummy. Often she doesn't seem interested in her milk at all after a few ounces and doesn't actually cry for a feed anymore......She will to go upto 4-5 hours happily and still only take an oz or 2. We have tried different milks but still hasn't made a difference....I have started reducing her oz's per feed to 6 oz (as getting lots of waste)and then offering a feed every 3 hours .....She will take on average 4 -5 oz per feed. She is taking the same amount of milk now as she was at 8 wks old??? But seems satisfied with this......She sleeps 11 hours at night and wakes in the morning and doesn't seem bothered about a feed....she is just happy and smiley and enjoys the company....when I offer her a feed she will mess about with it and eventually have about 5 oz.......She has plenty of wet and dirty nappies and seems otherwise well....her weight gain so far has been perfect but surely it shouldn't be this hard to feed an almost 5 month old???....It can take an hour sometimes as I have to give her a long rest inbetween. Had an appt at docs but cancelled it as my mum thinks she is just fussy. Kicking myself though and trying to get another appt. It may be that she is just fussy, but I would feel better discussing it with the doc even if they tell me Im being over anxious.........Has anyone else had trouble like this???? I'm jealous of those mums I see getting ovely cuddles whilst their baby feeds contentedly :-(

iloveshortshorts Thu 25-Apr-13 22:01:54

Try Nuk bottle with latex teats, i started off using Tommee Tippee and DD had really bad wind switched to Nuk and it helped a lot.

Hope ur DD is ok x

Lynz1987 Thu 25-Apr-13 22:06:38

I could have wrote this myself!!!!
My DD is teething we have put this fussy eating refusing her bottle problem down to her teeth bothering her, she will only take sometime half the amount of milk she was, but like ur DD seems so content and happy in between feeds despite her clearly teething ( massive droopy chops snd constant knowing her hand off)
Maybe look out for the teething signs?
I'm waiting til next week for DD weigh in and shall see the result if its affecting her weight I shall ask HV what's best to do
I know this isn't very helpful but just to put ur mind at rest that ur not alone xx

Lynz1987 Thu 25-Apr-13 22:08:01

O I use dr brown bottles pricey but absoloutly amazing my baby had colic reflux etc no need for anything like infacol and she burps so much better since we switched.

BuntyCollocks Thu 25-Apr-13 22:35:23

It may be a tongue tie - they can affect even bottle feeding as they can't get a good seal on the bottle. Has this been checked?

10oclocknews Thu 25-Apr-13 22:48:27

Hi. Thanks for the replies. Teething has crossed my mind. She has been showing teething signs for quite a few weeks now. Everything goes in her mouth for a chew, including me lol. She sucks my arm when sat on my knee......I have spoken to my HV about my concerns and she said speak to doc if worried, but as weight etc is fine they don't seem concerned......Will have chat with doc I think and see what they say. If no help may invest in some other bottles.....Becomes a very expensive experiment doesn't it if you don't get correct brand first time.

10oclocknews Thu 25-Apr-13 22:52:46

No, TT hasn't been checked. My friend suggested that....Its a minefied. DD is 2nd child. DS fed beautifully so this is all new....DD has been at docs more times in 20 weeks than DS was in 3 yrs......Do feel this has been going on a little too long now though. If I'm labelled over anxious so be it, but I know Id feel better having chatted to them. Maybe its a sign of things to come and I have 16 yrs of head strong daughter ahead lol x

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