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Powder formula or liquid? Worried powder seems very drying

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emeraldgirl1 Thu 25-Apr-13 07:48:35

Have been using aptamil powder formula simply because that is what we started the baby on and she has been ok on it, some reflux issues aside which have now settled don thank god!

But everyone else I know seems to be using liquid formula.

I am not bothered about it being more convenient, we are in the seeing of the powder thing now.

But is liquid formula better in other ways? I have been a bit concerned in the past that the powder is a bit drying or dehydrating for her. Occasionally we have given her a little teaspoon of water (for other reasons) and she has guzzled it like an oasis in the desert!!

Now that it is warmer I am worried she is thirsty all the time!!!

BUT when we did use a bit of liquid aptamil a couple f times a few weeks ago she was VERY runny-nappied on it. Which is why I stopped and reverted to powder. Fwiw her nappies are fine on powder formula, TMI of course but they seem just right, except for when gaviscon made her constipated.

Any opinions??? Would it just take a few days to settle down if we switched her to liquid but then be better for her??

strawberrypenguin Thu 25-Apr-13 07:52:31

As long as you are making the powdered formula correctly there is no reason why it would be 'drying'. People use liquid mainly for convenience although I've never had any issues with powdered.

stargirl1701 Thu 25-Apr-13 07:52:54

Liquid formula is sterile whereas the powder can be contaminated with some bugs like salmonella - hence using water above 70 degrees to make it up.

I can't say I noticed any difference in poo between the two.

MaryPoppinsBag Thu 25-Apr-13 07:54:31

I think I remember being told that the liquid milk can be easier on their tum as it is mixed better.

I found mixing bottles hard in the early days - gutted about not being able to BF so we used the litre cartons of SMA.

I don't know whether one is better than the other.

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