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Refusing breast affected w/ mastitis

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CityDweller Thu 25-Apr-13 04:52:31

Me again! It really is one step forward two back at the mo!

Dd is 11 days old. Had mastitis for 3.5 days now. At until yesterday she fed from affected side, although v painful for me so I often avoided it. I kept things soft with hot flannel compress and hand expressing. Since yesterday she's been refusing that boob (slapping at it, crying, doing a half-hearted latch but not sucking the coming right off, etc). I try her on that side at beginning of each feed then again once she's done on other side.

I've tried hand expressing to get milk going on that side, bringing her off other side early, to no avail. I'm continuing to hand express on affected side while she refuses it.

Any ideas? I'm worried about supply on affected side drying up as I'm not managing to get as much out hand expressing.

Mastitis is clearing up with antibiotics - not sore to feed any more and redness going down.

amazingmumof6 Thu 25-Apr-13 06:00:17

try feeding with Avent nipple shield if/while still painful, or if mastitis/thrush returns, it is a temporary solution and for me they were a boob saver!

Acidophilus capsules or powder will help build up the friendly bacteria that was wiped out and can potentially protect you from getting a thrush.

Savoy cabbage leaves on the skin will also help, no idea why, but it works! you'll have to wear a bra to keep it in place.

let her use the "good" boob as long as she wants, keep up with the expressing. I'd try to feed her on the sore boob but using a different position - rugby/underarm or you lying down.

And whatever you do, definitely get her checked for tongue tie! if your breast is engorged the latch will be difficult for her no doubt, but if she has tongue tie she'll struggle to latch on properly!

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