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Want to give up on day one

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highlandbird Wed 24-Apr-13 01:42:03

DS2 just been born on Monday eve, DS1 was an absolute dream to bf, never really had any issues and was really looking forward to doing it again.....but having a nightmare so far. He's pretty much been on the boob since lunchtime, they're cracked and agony but he screams if he's not feeding, I don't know what to do but I've had about four hours sleep since Sunday I'm so exhausted I want to cry, not sure how much longer I can keep this up, any words of wisdom??
Also he won't settle anywhere except on me, completely normal at this stage I know but I think he can smell milk and that's all he wants! I need to sleep.....DS1 is a tiring boisterous 2 year old to deal with in the daytime!

Sunshinewithshowers Thu 25-Apr-13 00:48:43

I have been advised to put cabbage leaves in my bra!

highlandbird Thu 25-Apr-13 09:07:19

Sunshine my friend swears by this!! She had real difficulty for first few weeks with both her DS' establishing breastfeeding and cabbage leaves straight out of the fridge were the only things that brought her relief, worth a go! How are things with you last couple of days?
Doodle thank you so much for your advice, mw also suggested something similar yesterday so I replaced a couple of feeds with expressed milk from a small sterilised cup, gave me a few hours relief, have also ordered breast shells online but won't arrive until tomorrow hmm
My milk came in last night grin and since then he's been feeding every 1 1/2 - 2 hours and sleeping on my chest in between feeds, so hugely improved here now, just need my nipples to heal and toughen up a bit and we'll be sorted!

enjay0811 Thu 25-Apr-13 09:31:07

highland I don't have any further advice but wanted to say I feel exactly the same!! Dd3 was born yday mornin and fed for hour and half straight away, throughout the day and last nite from 11.30-1am and again from 5.20-9 more or less! My nipples are killin me and have blisters on them sad jst sent dh out for Lansinoh and nipple shields! Good to know it gets easier.. Bf dd2 4 yrs ago but I forgot how much it hurts to start with!


BuntyCollocks Thu 25-Apr-13 09:44:14

Money on tongue tie.

highlandbird Fri 26-Apr-13 12:32:24

Enjay, hope things have improved for you now? Has your milk come in yet? I found things massively improved then and now my nipples have almost healed, just a couple of days later! He's still feeding every hour and a half but I think that's normal,from what I remember anyway, and the pain I feel on let down seems to subside when he's been latched on for a few seconds.
Hope it's going ok for you, these first few days are so tough. X

Bunty, your money being on tongue tie, is that for my DS or other posters on here? Do you have any experience of that or any advice to offer??

BuntyCollocks Fri 26-Apr-13 12:56:28

highland for you. I have extensive experience of tongue tie - both my dc were severely tied and the 'professionals' insisted there was no tie. There is a group on Facebook, tongue tie babies, and they can tell you what to check for. I can, but there are pictures there which can help

DS had a classic anterior tie, very easy to see (so god know how they could miss it). DD's is far sneakier - a posterior tongue tie.

A lot of what I read on this board makes me sigh, because I think there are a lot of undiagnosed ties around which are causing pain and poor weight gain, and therefore a lot of tears for mums, and can often lead to giving up feeding.

highlandbird Fri 26-Apr-13 13:18:19

Thanks Bunty, I'll check out that FB group, unfortunately my nearest bf support group is an hour and a half away and only on once a week but I may go along next week anyway as we have to go into town to register the birth.
I did ask the mw about tongue tie but she didn't check him and said most babies are capable of bf with tongue tie?! She also said there was a specialist in Inverness that deals with this.....that's 3 and a half hours away from us!!
just feels so different to the early days with DS1 but that could be the rose tinted glasses wink
Thanks again for your advice, will be investigating further.....

BuntyCollocks Fri 26-Apr-13 14:26:59

Where are you based, highland?

Many babies are capable of breastfeeding with a tie, but it can be horrendously painful for the mother, and they are unlikely to be able to fully drain a breast, leading to blocked ducts, mastitis, and a supply issue.

enjay0811 Fri 26-Apr-13 16:48:38

Day 3 highland and things are gettin better thanks. Milk has come in so lo is not feeding as long as she's fillin up easier. Seems to be feeding every 2-3 hrs but bit longer at night which I think is quite good! Mw came to visit yday and tole me about biological nurturing and showed us how to do it. Wow, wot a difference! Basically, lie back and let baby find the nipple and latch itself. Still gettin the hang of it and mutter expletives for the first few seconds but much more comfortable. Glad you are gettin on better too xx

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