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introducing a bottle at nearly 4months

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KMR281 Mon 22-Apr-13 12:15:21

hi, having got over the horrific early days, am trying to introduce a bottle to DS3. So far (a few attempts) he's not interestd, but think he was very hungry, so only wanted boob. Any advice on how best to intro a bottle for him? Would be nice if DH ciould help with the evening feed, and am only planning on him having a bedtime bottle once a day at this stage. Feel like have done really well so far, a bit relecutant to give him a bottle, TBH, but would be nice to have a bit more freedome to leave DS with DH/somebody occasionally. Also, I see the AVENt bottles now have an extra ring thing - my older ones don't - doesthis mean I'll have to keep the new bottles etc separate from the new ones (obv getting all new teats). Ta,K

laupy Mon 22-Apr-13 12:24:55

Hi, I'm afraid my DD never really took to the bottle from anyone and insisted on feeding from me. The only time she reluctantly took it was when I was out of smelling range and out of sheer hunger!

It wasn't until she was 7 months old that she finally accepted a Doidy cup and a spoon from my childminder.

It may be worth waiting another couple of months and then trying it with a spoon and cup along with weening (and then you can give him your decanted breast milk too). Best of luck.

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