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The dream feed: should I persevere?

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stowsettler Mon 22-Apr-13 05:29:48

DD is 8 weeks old and seems to be dropping the 11pm feed, rather than the 3am one. This is fine with me, they'll both go eventually, but my question is this: when she has a dream feed at 11, she only takes about 3oz (ff) and still wakes around 3-4. This evening we just let her wake and she did at 1.30am. She took a full 6oz bottle and has just woken again (5am) - although not very hungry, she only had 1oz. So it appears that one feed is on the way out. But would I be able to 'engineer' it so the 3am goes first if I continue with dream feed? I'm wondering if she just needs to practice it you see.

jamnymum0612 Mon 22-Apr-13 12:36:29

this is exactly same as mine whi is 19wk nw i kept up with what he wanted and eventually within few more wks he went till 5am wht time is the feed before the dream fd

stowsettler Mon 22-Apr-13 16:13:58

She usually has a 'bedtime' feed around 7pm. This is usually (over the past week or so) a full 6oz bottle.
Having spoken to my sister, who did all this 4 years ago with her DS, I'm inclined to keep trying the dream feed for a week and just decrease what's on offer at 3am. Hopefully she will realise that it's not really worth waking up ;-)

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