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Weaning insomnia and anxiety your experience please :(

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hamncheese Sun 21-Apr-13 23:18:15

Hi just a post for your experience if you had insomnia, anxiety and low mood fooling weaning your baby/stopping bfing. I stopped bfing at 7mk ish. Prior had been getting sporadic periods of insomnia and panic attacks but not often, I think related to DS dropping feeds.

Now he's 8.5mo I've not bf for 6 weeks yet I am still finding it so hard to sleep even though he sleeps through and if he does wake DH gets him. I really hoped things would have evened out by now. Not got my period yet, don't know if that will help. Just want to know your experience so I might know what to expect. Also want to know if my anxiety and insomnia is hormonal and awaiting my period for things to get normal or if symptomatic of pnd or more deep rooted emotional issues.

Any help much appreciated, I'm really upset by all this and continually trudging away trying to cope not knowing how much longer I can go before things start to get even a little better.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 23-Apr-13 10:06:15

I'd go and see the GP. While I did feel a bit fed up after the feeding stopped, it was nowhere near the level of anxiety you are experiencing.

Have a look at the APNI website and see if anything sounds familiar. It might also help to ring the helpline.

Hope you get it sorted soon smile

RicStar Tue 23-Apr-13 10:14:44

I did experience insomnia/anxiety when stopping bfing + weaning had done also in first weeks post birth + occasionally after (ptsd type issues i think not pnd) but it got much much better after a week or so so yours seems to be lasting much longer so prob worth seeing hv/gp. Btw my period didnt come back either. I am now back on the pill but never had a natural period post bfing ifswim. brew for you.

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