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Help!Why does my baby have wind so much?

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KateSkinner Sun 21-Apr-13 08:39:41

My baby feeds nearly every 2hrs in the day and i wind her religiously.When she first latches on my breasts can spray for up to a minute.She is putting on plenty of weight-2lbs in a month but she's really windy all the time.I don't know how best to help her?

tumbletumble Sun 21-Apr-13 08:44:33

Some babies are more prone to wind than others - my DS was a very windy baby whereas DD never really had wind (both breastfed).

Have you tried Infacol? Also I would recommend winding mid-feed as well as after the feed. Some people suggest looking at your own diet and avoiding certain foods such as curry, but I never found this made much difference with DS.

They do grow out of it around 3 months.

Wishiwasanheiress Sun 21-Apr-13 08:44:50

Well 2hrs is pretty normal. They all seem too get wind, just in different intensity. Infacol might help passing of it or gripe water?

To help with spray maybe manual pump for a sec then allow latch? Might get rid of breasts excitement a bit.....? Sounds like ur doing all right though.

u32ng Mon 22-Apr-13 03:58:17

I'm not breastfeeding but I'm sure I read somewhere that if you have a forceful let down that it can cause windiness as they gulp a bit to keep up with the flow!

The previous suggestion of using the pump beforehand to take the edge off might be a good idea.

minipie Mon 22-Apr-13 16:10:38

tongue tie? especially if she 'clicks' while feeding or seems to fall off the boob a lot.

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