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Acantha Mon 29-Apr-13 02:17:22

I know someone who had let down when she heard her baby niece cry. Dripped milk and everything. shock She hadn't BF'd in nearly a decade. And it's happened since then, too!

MadameJosephine Tue 23-Apr-13 15:27:40

Oh dear, I do know somebody else who had milk years after too so I hope I'm not some kind of circus freak smile

Dumdeedumdeedum Mon 22-Apr-13 19:42:36

OKay glad I'm not alone on this... 1998 you say MadameJosephine I wonder if you could get in the Guinness book of records?

MadameJosephine Mon 22-Apr-13 18:39:14

Before i had DD last year I could still squeeze a couple of drops and I stopped bf her brother in 1998!

ladycelestial Sat 20-Apr-13 21:51:57

That's normal. I had milk for ages after I stopped, but it went eventually.

Dumdeedumdeedum Sat 20-Apr-13 20:09:47

... It's been just over 18 months since I stopped feeding and pumping and there is still milk there if I squeeze... It's not ever going away is it?

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