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Can anyone help with reflux (or is there another reason for waking up every 30 min)?

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spekulatius Sat 20-Apr-13 11:19:21

DD is now 5 months old and used to sleep through the night 10-11 hours from 6 weeks. Since she was just under 3 months she's been waking up during the night, no real pattern for a few weeks, then started waking up once between 3 and 4. Which of course is fine for her age. Well, the last 2 weeks she's been waking up every 1-2 hours, since I had an operation done i co-sleep as its easier. She has got very dry itchy skin, so I thought she might want extra comfort. Plus 4 months sleep regression, she's getting distracted in daytime. Also has her first tooth. But the last week waking up every 30 minutes, sometimes 15 or 20. So I'm wondering if she might have reflux. She's often bringing stuff back up and coughing on it. Took me a while to work that out though. She has projectile vomited a few times but not often. But she doesn't seem to be in pain. Quite a happy baby daytime unless she's overtired. Though she won't have a nap lying down. So I don't know. Could this be reflux? Gonna see the GP Monday but want to be sure in case GP is not very helpful. Just think its not fair on the poor baby to have to wake up so often.

LAST nIGHT COS I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE REFLUX I FED HER STRaight away every time when she started waking up and she went back to sleep as soon as she was latched on, I fed her both sides, then put her next to me. I had to sit up as she didn't want to feed lying down. Previously i would wait a little bit to see if she would go back to sleep or I would rock her back to sleep cos I thought she can't be hungry after an hour. Then she would be awake again after 15 min and wake up completely and after feeding I would have to hold her for 45 min otherwise she would wake up as soon as I put her down. Often she would wake up anyway. So last night we actually got more sleep.

Any thoughts???

noblegiraffe Sat 20-Apr-13 12:59:33

I'm not sure reflux can just develop at 5 months and cause problems with sleeping where she has been sleeping brilliantly before (I'm not a doctor though). Have you started her on formula or food where she might be having a reaction to that?

Otherwise, it might just be the 4 month sleep regression, although overtiredness can also cause frequent wake ups (you'd think being really tired would zonk them out!) so maybe work on daytime sleep and see if that helps?
If she is distracted during the day, it's also possible that she is feeding less in the day and wanted to make it up with plenty of milk at night. You could try more daytime feeds, or do them in a quiet, dark room? Or with a muslin over her!
If she wakes crying, it could also be teething so you could try baby bonjela or calpol?

spekulatius Sat 20-Apr-13 13:13:52

That's what I thought as well so have been feeding her in bedroom with closed blinds and feeding more often so I think she is getting enough. She doesn't wake up crying, only complaining. She has never cried during night. Teeth don't seem to bother her although I've give her stuff for it just to try anything. I just think if its hunger she would drink and then sleep for 2 hours, not wake up after 20 minutes. She has breast milk and 1 bottle formula before bed. A while ago she just wouldn't go back to sleep and was awake for 2hours, in the end I gave her a bottle cos she was just so awake. She drank it and fell asleep, for 2 hours. Guess cos she has to
Swallow quickly she was a bit more exhausted. I really don't know but we need some sleep!

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