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Getting LO to take EBM at 5.5 months

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Limpit80 Fri 19-Apr-13 19:29:22

My LO is 5 months at the moment and is EBF, Ive only left him twice for about 3 hours each time since he was born. He has taken a small amount of EBM then and on a handful of other occasions (to practice really), but doesnt seem to really know what to do with the bottle.
We are going to a wedding in May and my mum is coming to look after LO (Ill be gone about 5 hours), but would like some advice on the best way to prepare him, so he doesnt have a meltdown on my mum! Should I parctice and get OH to give him a bottle regularly over the next few weeks? Or should I not bother with the bottle now and just introduce a cup? Is it best to give him EBM when he's hungry or just before to stop frustration? Thanks in advance.

leedy Fri 19-Apr-13 20:01:25

Watching with interest as DS2 is the same age and after taking a bottle reasonably happily about a month ago has now become a total refusenik. Today my mum tried him with a bottle of EBM and he just chewed it. sad

leedy Thu 25-Apr-13 18:48:45

Bumping to say that today DS spurned yet another bottle, but drank an ounce of EBM from a doidy cup! He sort of lapped at it and a certain amount ended up on his bib, but he seemed to "get" it straight away.

runs off singing about freedom, etc.

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