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First milk or follow on milk for combination fed 7 month old

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IAmJacksRagingBileDuct Fri 19-Apr-13 14:48:45

I'm getting a bit confused. Dd2 is coming up to 7 months, ebf so far but from next month will be having a couple of formula feeds with our childminder. I bought a tub of first milk but having just read the back of the tub it's telling me I should use follow on milk from 6 months.

I was always under the impression follow on milk was a bit of a con but I've never really given it much more thought. I don't want to give her the wrong milk or risk her getting deficient in something because I've made the wrong choice. Can anyone who knows more than me please tell me the difference and if I should use one or the other?

TIA smile

lurcherlover Fri 19-Apr-13 14:57:17

First milk. Follow-on is a con invented to get round advertising laws - in countries which permit first-stage formula advertising it isn't sold. . First stage is the only formula babies need before they can go on to cows' milk at 12 months.

IAmJacksRagingBileDuct Fri 19-Apr-13 15:01:18

Great, that makes things easier, especially since I've just bought a big tub of first milk.

Thank you smile

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