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Just worn down

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melonribena Thu 18-Apr-13 22:11:49

My ds is now 9 mths. We've been through so much with breastfeeding.
We battled to get his tongue tie spotted and had it snipped twice.
He fed literally constantly for the first 4 months and still does during the night. During the day he doesn't want to know.
I've never had a painfree feed and now he's got two teeth I can feel the teeth and it hurts more.
The doc says the tongue tie is sorted, why do I still feel the teeth? I've given up asking for help.
Ds is allergic to milk and we are battling for a referral so I can't give him formula and just keep going.
I'm back at work in a month and want to give up in the day, how can I? It seems impossible.
I'm useless with a pump and rarely get more than 3oz.
I want to go out in the day/night and leave him but its impossible. I just feel so rubbish and the recent pain from his teeth just makes it worse.
I'm not really sure why I'm posting, I guess I feel envious for all these people who have painfree feeding.
Despite it all, I enjoy breastfeeding, but am sad that its so tough

Poosnu Thu 18-Apr-13 22:30:36

Wow - you haven been through such a hard time. I couldn't read this and run.

I can't advise on the teeth / milk allergy, but on going back to work you will probably find that DS is able to cope fine. Another month is a long time! He'll probably be taking more food and water then. When my DD started nursery she just had food and water at nursery. She never really took formula / cows milk, and did fine at nursery.

Keep on for the referral - a friend of mine was prescribed special formula for her DD who had a milk allergy and this really helped her.

You do sound really down and in need of a break. It will get better really quickly over the next few months. You are almost through it.

McBaby Fri 19-Apr-13 07:56:30

You sound so like me!

TT diagnosed at 7 weeks then snipped four times at 8,12,16 and 25 weeks.! Finally at 6 months when snipped I noticed a difference.

She is an adamant bottle refuser! Projectile vomits on formula (no idea why but she is not allergic to dairy) and my breastmilk tastes of soap when expressed, so I understand why she won't drink it! My GP was reluctant to try dairy free formula at 5 months when we thought it might be a dairy allergy as it apparently tastes and smells horrible so older babies are less likley to take it.

The think that helped my latch most was between cuts 3 and 4 was cranial osteopathy. I could see her tongue being more forward when she came to latch after each treatment. If your in London I can reccomend her!

She do how ever revert to biting through feeds and not sucking for a few days when teeth appeared and when teething again recently! Currently trying moist healing to help bitten side!

I have been in total dispair over feeding in last 8 months and have been very concerned over how to continue or be able to feed my baby! It's hard because I don't think anyone understands unless they are in your position. I just take each day one feed at time and if I get to the point I really can't do it anymore there will be a solution!

If you express each day from now and get 3oz and freeze you should have enough in freezer along with what your expressing when your back at work for a couple of feeds a day for a month! By then he will be 11 months and may need less milk in the day.

melonribena Fri 19-Apr-13 09:29:41

Thank you both. I'm sorry mcbaby to hear you've had so many problems as well. It's so tough and other people really don't understand the pressures and also how constant painful feeding just gets you down.

My ds loves breastfeeding and that's why I've persevered. I'm not in London but I will definitely look into cranial therapy, thank you!

I will stick with the expressing too! He's not that keen on bottles or dippy cups either - uses them as mouth wash! - but he won't voluntarily starve himself I guess!

I wish there was more support for mums with problems like ours. I've met and battled clueless but well meaning people every step of the way.

Fingers crossed for your moist healing!

MoreSnowPlease Fri 19-Apr-13 20:49:07

Wow, I really could have written your post. I think we've crossed paths a few times because of this actually.

DS has just turned 10 months. Has 7 teeth and yes the pain gets worse with them (although not as bad as pre TT cut) I did some research and think it is down to upper lip tie which means they can't latch well. DS latch is literally hanging off the end of my nipple, if I look in his mouth while latched his tongue is pressing nipple into top teeth, it's not pleasant!

You have done so well to get this far though, just remember what a good start you have given your LO. I bet you didn't think you would make it this far in the early days?! Be kind to yourself, there are a few of us here that have been through the same and so can really appreciate what an amazing job you have done to get through it.

If you want to try dairy free formula, message me, I have a spare tub unopened. It does stink and makes their poo stink but it's a small price to pay for a break! What have the gp said about prescribing it?

melonribena Sun 21-Apr-13 09:21:54

Hi MoreSnow!
It's great to hear from people who've been through the same kind of thing. Well done to you too! 10 months, wow!
I thought I'd be pleased to get to a week to be honest but time kind of flies!
Interesting what you said about the upper lip tie. Ds deffo has one but all dentists, gps, ent specialists etc say it doesn't affect breastfeeding!!!!!!!
It must though as you say, ds cant flange his top lip so his latch is always shallow,
Thank you for the formula offer, dp is on a mission at the moment, drew a blank at Boots. They'd never heard of milk for a milk allergic baby!
We're trying all the supermarkets too but if we fail I will be in touch. Thank you! Enjoy the sunshine!

MoreSnowPlease Sun 21-Apr-13 11:47:29

Don't think you can get it anywhere as you have to get it on prescription, it's called neocate, but you can buy lactose free milk, i got some from boots before, good luck!

ChilliBanana Sun 21-Apr-13 12:07:41

If you're willing to try soy formula you can buy that in most big supermarkets or Boots. There is a hypoallergenic formula called Neocate LCP, you might be able to buy it over the counter at the pharmacy if you know exactly what to ask for but it's expensive so I would be hassling your GP for a prescription. If you post on the allergy boards someone on there may be able to give you some more advice regarding formula.
My DS is 7 months old with a milk allergy and I've gone back to work. He initially would only drink a tiny amount of ebm during the day and make up for it in the night which has been hard but at least I know he's getting the nutrition he needs. He is gradually drinking more ebm and formula as he becomes more settled. I know you struggle to express but if you were willing, 3oz is better than nothing!
I've not had to deal with teeth or a tongue tie and I've found it hard going so hats off to you. I know it feels overwhelming when you have so many variables to deal with, but persevere with your formula mission and it will take the pressure off you a bit. Good luck

ChilliBanana Sun 21-Apr-13 12:09:10

Is your little one allergic to the protein in milk? If so lactose free milk won't help, I'm afraid sad

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