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Fast letdown - baby unhappy and spluttering at feeds

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katiecubs Thu 18-Apr-13 09:59:20

Hi just wondering if anyone has any advice. DS2 is 9 weeks and I seem to have a fast letdown that is making feeding quite difficult. He coughs and splutters and keeps pulling away meaning he takes in lots of air and gets even more upset.

Is there anything I could do about this or will it just settle down on its own? I would like feeding to be a bit more relaxing rather than a struggle - plus if I'm put and about its really stressful as my milk spurts everywhere!


noblegiraffe Thu 18-Apr-13 10:02:34

There's some good advice here

If you want to try to stop the forceful letdown rather than simply cope with it, the second set of suggestions, on block feeding to reduce supply, would probably be the best tactic.

RockabillyKitty Thu 18-Apr-13 21:48:03

It will settle down, I had a really fast boob and a really slow one and DS would get overwhelmed by the fast one and get frustrated at the slow one - it seemed there was never a happy medium. He's 3 months now and my supply seems to have averaged out between boobs. sometimes there's still the odd choking incident but I just keep a muslin cloth underneath to soak up the excess/cover myself a bit if he does come off the boob while I'm feeding in public.

wickedorwhat Fri 19-Apr-13 11:33:03

hello, I have an 11 week old and my let down is fast too. lol plenty of coughing and spluttering and spurting all over. it really is a messy business is nt it? it has been like this from the start really, it seems ok if he is really hungry but sometimes I just put him on for comfort and then the fun really starts. I guess when we start weaning it will get easier as they take less and less, but like kitty , plenty of muslins, we go through 2 a day at least!! I find im not leaking all over the place so much and I swear by johnsons breast pads they are so soft and soak it all up. all the best. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

VictoriaPlum01 Fri 19-Apr-13 15:26:00

I was recommended to feed in a semi-reclined position so that the milk doesn't literally shoot straight down the throat. Not sure that it really worked, but I had lots of problems bf'ing, and fast let down was the least of them. Lots of muslins and good breast pads are also good tips (and I love the Johnsons ones too).

lazzaroo Fri 19-Apr-13 15:47:22

Over supply & fast let down here. Block feeding has helped. Lots of good adviceon kellymom website. Don't get caught out without muslin to catch the spray! I almost hit someone at the next table to me in costa coffee the other day!! And good winding to help after the feeding. It does settle down plus you'll get better at managing it.

katiecubs Sat 20-Apr-13 15:48:20

Thank you so much everyone - that's all really helpful.

I have started feeding from one side each time and think that has helped a bit. I just want it to be nice and relaxing for the both of us again!

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