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stopping breast feeding cold turkey

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helpineedajob Wed 17-Apr-13 08:28:33

ds2 is nearly 15 months.

he has a big feed in the morning and after his nap and around 3 small feeds in the day a bottle before bed and feeds during the night (sometime once sometime 3 time ).

he doesn't need this much milk at his age. I'm fed up of feeding him. he pulls up my top and moans till he gets milk.

Shall I just stop feeding altogether ? I worry if I keep the morning feed and the after nap feed (which is nice and snugly) he will be nagging me for more feeds, what do you think?

milly26 Wed 17-Apr-13 22:57:40

I fear you may explode if you go cold turkey ;-)
Maybe you could try reducing the small ones in the day and save it for first thing and after nap and be firm with him at all other times, give him a cuddle and a story or something instead so he doesnt feel he's been rejected/punished. It sounds like the hardest will be in the night, he definately doesnt need those any more, does he co-sleep or just wake up frequently in the night?

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