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Breastfeeding / nursing tops

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AbiGilby Mon 15-May-06 11:01:50

Does anyone know where I can get (inexpensive) breastfeeding tops?

YellowFeathers Mon 15-May-06 11:09:38

JojomamanBebe, Blooming Marvellous?

Ebay will have some too.

rosiesmumof4 Mon 15-May-06 11:12:44

your normal T shirts/jumpers?

Tommy Mon 15-May-06 11:13:11

wouldn't bother if I were you - I always found a baggy top that you could just lift up much more convenient than faffing around with little buttond and openings

bramblina Mon 15-May-06 11:25:09

H&M are very affordable and I really liked them. I got one that was a maternity top and a feeding top, for about £12.

AbiGilby Mon 15-May-06 11:59:20

I have been using my baggier T-shirts, but I just don’t like hiking my top up and showing off my jelly belly when I’m in public! At home, it doesn’t matter!

AbiGilby Mon 15-May-06 12:00:09

BTW, DS is just over three weeks old

Tommy Mon 15-May-06 13:12:38

I fed DS2 for over a year, very often in public and I certainly had a very jelly belly (still do - 2 years later ) I can't remember it ever being a problem..... anyway - have you tried/thought about NCT sales - they would probably have a few things like that around.

blueshoes Mon 15-May-06 14:08:54

Another one for baggy tops and not faffing with special tops/buttons. I think they are the most discreet and convenient. Try looking at yourself in front of a mirror. I assume you would feed sitting down. I find the extra material covers the belly and the baby covers the rest!

MissChief Mon 15-May-06 14:10:34

Wouldn't bother personally - suggest going to Gap or similar and just getting a couple of tee-shirts/shirts one size up. A baggy top combined with a muslin is just as good and far niceR IMO!

hunkermunker Mon 15-May-06 14:50:16

use a boob tube but wear it below your boobs so tummy still covered or buy a belly hugger.

ScotGirl Mon 15-May-06 15:06:25

I wear all my normal clothes but I always wear a black or white strappy vest underneath (£2 from the underwear section in Primark). I lift my boob out the top of the vest and let the vest sit under my boob and then just lift up whatever top I am wearing on top. That way my tummy is always covered by the vest and I don't have to wear baggy clothes.

hotmama Mon 15-May-06 15:12:47

Scotgirl - clever idea!

I've just got some from NCT, I also got some from JoJo Maman Bebe but like the NCT ones more. I could never find the bf tops in H&M - will need to do another search.

shazronnie Mon 15-May-06 15:13:36

lol hunkermunker!

sottovoce Mon 15-May-06 18:55:29

I use a vest top and a cardigan - the cardigan covers all the wobbly bits and you just hitch the vest up for easy access to the nork. Never did the BF tops as I worried my norks and the slots wouldn't be in the sam eplace

mustrunmore Mon 15-May-06 18:59:28

Website called babydayz is quite good.

TicTacsMum Mon 15-May-06 19:03:34

A nursing vest(with drop cups) under any normal top.

I've also got a couple of normal vest tops from primark that i cut vertical slits in. I wear them under normal tops and they provide easy access!!!

CarolinaMoonfish Mon 15-May-06 19:04:28

lol sottovoce - imagine opening the slit and then having to fish around inside for your nipple so you can poke it through the gap
<<must be in here somewhere...>>

Filyjonk Mon 15-May-06 19:07:25

one suggestion-get cheap t shirt, cut slits in it, then put it under a nice top. that way you're not showing off your tummy.

or buy some of those boob tube things (£3 in Primark) and wear them under the t shirt.

ruthydd Tue 16-May-06 07:53:39

I wear a wrap top with a thin vest underneath. When you need to feed your boob comes out under the vest but over the wrap top, if you see what I mean. Boden had a lot of wrap around jumpers last time I looked. Nice to make the most of your clevage as well rather than hide under a baggy t-shirt!

Enid Tue 16-May-06 08:55:56

I do the same as Scotgirl

topshop have 2 vestst for £6 atm - they are good and long and also with a deep neck so you can yank your nork out over the top

AbiGilby Tue 16-May-06 09:38:56

Thanks Hunkermunker, ScotGirl and Enid. I knew I’d get some good advice here! I am so glad I found this site!!!

AbiGilby Tue 16-May-06 09:40:14

Well, thanks everyone – didn’t mean to be rude. But I particularly like suggestions from Hunkermunker, ScotGirl and Enid!

AbiGilby Tue 16-May-06 09:40:15

Well, thanks everyone – didn’t mean to be rude. But I particularly like suggestions from Hunkermunker, ScotGirl and Enid!

AbiGilby Tue 16-May-06 09:40:15

Well, thanks everyone – didn’t mean to be rude. But I particularly like suggestions from Hunkermunker, ScotGirl and Enid!

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