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Teething and breastfeeding

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Chloe55 Tue 16-Apr-13 10:00:11

My 17wk old dd is really struggling to feed from me at the mo sad . When I latch her on she sucks for a few seconds then starts screaming, pulling back, grabbing and scratching at my breast. I give her a few seconds then try again. We are now on day two of this. I have been giving her teething granules 15mins before feeding and tried rubbing teething gel on her gums before she feeds. The only time she has fed well was through the night last night when she was sleepy. I even resorted to calpol yesterday.

On top of this I'm really worried about my supply. I went to a wedding on Saturday and was away from dd for 22hrs, I took my pump to the wedding but I know I didn't express enough as my breasts were like rocks on Sunday. I normally express one bottle every night at about 10pm to build a supply for when I'm back at work, I normally get 6oz, last night I barely managed 2oz. I desperately hope this isn't the end of my bf, I have to go away saturday overnight too and I am terrified my supply is drying up. Getting very upset even thinking about it.

Any tips on what to do with poor dd greatly appreciated and advice on how to keep my supply up would also be helpful, thanks.

MaMaPo Tue 16-Apr-13 10:16:36

Chloe, I've also had a recent change in how easy it is to express, and that's without being away for a day. C is 18 weeks. She doesn't seem to be hungry so I'm not convinced my supply has really changed much. Just wanted to let you know of my similar experience with expressing.

Chloe55 Tue 16-Apr-13 10:21:01

Thanks mama, I so hope I still can express otherwise going back to work in a few weeks will be harder than ever for me sad She will take formula but my fear is if I can't express then it will affect my supply.

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