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Breastfeeding with small boobs

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FifiTrix71 Sun 14-Apr-13 22:21:33

I just wanted to post a message of support to mums-to-be who have small boobs and are worried about their ability to breastfeed: I am, when not bf'ing, a 34AA and was quite worried that I would have insufficient milk ducts to produce enough milk for my DS. Although my boobs obviously increased in size a bit with pregnancy and birth, I can't say it was very much, but I have exclusively bf'ed DS who is now almost 6 months, and he weighs a little over 7.6 kg/ 17 lbs, i.e. bang on the 50th percentile. Of course there are plenty of other aspects of bf'ing that might trip you up - discomfort, poor latch, tongue tie etc but at least don't worry about your boob size! Good luck to all of you, it doesn't necessarily come naturally and I would encourage you to get support from a group like Breast Feeding Network, they were a big help to me in the early days...

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