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fisher price, bruin or vital baby bottles?

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MummyToToby Sat 13-May-06 22:32:16

went to babies r us today and they stocked these bottles, but before i bought i wanted to know your opinions. ie, do they leak, do the markings come off etc?

peaches27 Sun 14-May-06 11:05:13

Does your baby drink from any type of bottle? Or are you buying for a new baby?

I have found it best to get your baby used to one type and stick to it. We had difficulties at first with Avent and switched to Dr Brown, no more problems. When she gets older she may drink from any bottle, but doesnt at the moment!

I also get frustrated if I buy some on offer and they leak or she wont use them!

MummyToToby Sun 14-May-06 14:59:49

buying for a new baby. i don't want to go out and buy bottles to find they are no good when baby comes and have to buy them all again. if baby doesn't like them that's different but i would be annoyed if it was cos they were rubbish and i hadn't done my homework first!!

Mfer Wed 17-May-06 14:02:36

Are you anyway near the NEC this weekend - Practical Parenting Baby show - very useful all the brands are there and some give samples!

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