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Tongue tie appointment

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Celia1978 Fri 12-Apr-13 03:40:24

DD is five weeks old, and when she was born everyone who looked in her mouth (doula, midwife, health visitor, breast feeding support lady) said, 'Hm, she might have a tongue tie' - mainly because of the heart-shaped tongue she seemed to have, which I understand tongue-tied babies often have.

None of them were sure, however, and I was referred to a hospital tongue tie clinic - appointment is next week.

However, DD is a champion feeder, eats quickly and efficiently, gaining loads of weight, no issues with pain etc on my side either - do I need to keep the appointment, do you think? Are there other issues, besides feeding, that tongue tie might cause that would mean it would be worth having it identified/sorted? Or is it more that if she's feeding fine, everything's OK?

Don't want to waste the clinic's time if it's not necessary - but I don't know whether it is or not! Anyone more experienced than me got any ideas? Thanks!

Mutley77 Fri 12-Apr-13 06:01:08

My DD had a tongue tie snipped at a few days old due to problems with breast feeding. I personally wouldn't have got it done otherwise (and it didn't help anyway!) - but there is an argument to do it early, as it "can" interfere with their speech and therefore would involve a more invasive procedure later on. Tbh though I think the thought of a newborn having something done with no anaesthetic or anything is actually potentially worse than a slightly older child with a GA (and there is no guarantee that it will be needed anyway). I can compare the two as my DS had a minor op on his eye at age 2 and seeing him put under was horrible but the abject terror that a newborn may have felt being separated from mum and then "harmed" by an unknown person could well have been more damaging for my DD.

I guess you can go to the appointment, hear what they have to say and decide but I'd be tempted to leave it.

BeaWheesht Fri 12-Apr-13 06:10:33

Dd had a heart shaped tongue. We got snipped at 2 weeks - it was MUCH less traumati than say, the heel prick test or even just a big bit of wind! We had it done partly due to feeing problems but also because I was convinced it would cause speech problems, I'm glad we did it because it took a VERY long time to lose the heart shape so if it was affecting speech at 2/3 then there'd be no quick fix it swim?

poisondwarf Fri 12-Apr-13 07:23:53

I would get it done. DS had it done at 6 weeks and DD at 10 days. DS is now 6 and still has a nick on the end of his tongue. He speaks with a lisp and I've no idea if it's related but I do wonder. DD Is 4 and has no nick and no lisp.

Both times the procedure was over in seconds and forgotten in seconds.

mawbroon Fri 12-Apr-13 11:27:52

DS1 had undiagnosed tongue tie which we had revised when he was 6yo.

His restricted tongue movement meant that his palate wasn't smoothed out and he has a very high narrow palate as a result.

This has caused multiple problems over the years - reflux, ear trouble, mouth breathing, sleep apnoea to name a few, and if we left it as it is, he would need teeth extracted when he's older as there would not be enough room in his dental arch.

He is 7yo now and wears a brace to expand his palate and headgear at night to bring out the middle section of his face which is very flat (not that you'd notice until somebody points it out).

Not everyone who has a tongue tie will end up with structural problems like ds1, but you need to be aware that the consequences of untreated ties can reach far beyond feeding and speech. And there are also some ties which don't appear to cause any problems.

A heart shaped tongue sounds like an anterior tie (obviously can't say for sure!!) and you need to check for posterior tie behind it. this video shows how

Dr Kotlow is the leading expert on tongue and lip ties There are two dentists in the UK who have trained with him and can laser tongue and lip ties.

Celia1978 Fri 12-Apr-13 14:00:43

Thank you all - had no idea tongue tie could cause such a range of issues beyond feeding. Your replies are really helpful, will definitely keep the appointment.

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