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13 feeds in one night (so far.....)

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GreatSoprendo Thu 11-Apr-13 05:20:49

My long awaited and gorgeous DS is just 4 days old, and since we all got in bed at 8pm last night I have fed him 13 times.....

Is this normal? I'm hoping this is just a night time cluster feed and the level of demand will not run into the day time. Is this likely? And is this likely to be a one off or last for a while - if so, I will adjust my life to be nocturnal I guess!

We have to somehow get him to a hospital outpatients appointment today and I have visions of trying to handle endless feeding in a busy hospital waiting room on zero sleep. Reassure me he will eventually be sated?

TanteRose Thu 11-Apr-13 05:27:19

he is so tiny, he needs little and often - in fact, you should be aiming for between 15 and 20 "feeds" a day (at least offering the breast - he might only nuzzle, but it gives signals to your body to make more milk)

has your milk come in yet?
by feeding alot, he will be ordering up the goods grin

it is obviously very early days - he still has no idea of night and day, and won't for a few weeks yet.

he may surprise you by falling asleep during the day in a busy waiting room, the noise of lots of people can be strangely comforting

good luck smile

NoSnowJustSand Thu 11-Apr-13 05:36:03

I remember those first days. My DD would have happily stayed attached to my breast 24/7. It takes them a while to settle into a routine, I wouldn't worry about it yet. Do talk to your midwife/health visitor if you have any concerns though rather than feeling anxious about it.

GreatSoprendo Thu 11-Apr-13 05:36:38

Thanks for replying at this unearthly hour! My milk is coming in now - think his constant feeding is making it come. I'm just worried that at this rate if it keeps up we will be doing 30+ feeds in 24 hours - not sure my poor nipples could handle it.

Hopefully as you said the waiting room, getting out in the car etc will calm things down long enough for his appointment - it's stressful enough having to take a newborn to hospital without having to also navigate public breastfeeding for the first time!

TanteRose Thu 11-Apr-13 05:43:06

once your milk comes in, then he will probably get enough in one sitting to fill his tummy for a bit

his constant feeding is also not all about the food - suckling gives him comfort, and he can hear your heartbeat, which has been his background music for the last 9 months. He wants to feel and smell you, so he can relax - he has had quite a shock, emerging into this cold, bright world only a few days ago. He needs time to adjust to that, as much as anything.

get some lansinoh cream for your nips

unfortunately, the first few weeks are pretty relentless, but the dividends pay off later

you are doing great!

GreatSoprendo Thu 11-Apr-13 06:15:28

Thank you for the reassurance! Much appreciated

BuntyCollocks Thu 11-Apr-13 08:39:47

All normal. One night I spent from 10pm to 5am constantly swapping boobs. It's all worth it, if exhausting.

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