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Is this enough? Little worried

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Kyzordz Wed 10-Apr-13 08:47:57

Hi all, I'm probably worrying over nothing but figured it was worth asking anyway just to put my mind at rest. For a bit of background... Ds is 22 weeks old and has been getting increasingly fussy with milk. He is on aptamil anti reflux milk as he showed signs of silent reflux at a few weeks old. He used to drink up to 40oz a day, rarely less than 36 and was 17lb 10 when weighed last week, so not a small boy. However for a few weeks he has been very difficult to feed, not seeming hungry after half a bottle and getting distracted. Doesn't seem in pain or uncomfortable though IMO. His routine was roughly 7am, 11am, 3pm, 6:30pm and 10-10:30pm (df). Because of the fussiness I decided to see what happened if I dropped the df Monday night. He refused to drink his bottle at 6:30 so had 4oz then and another 4oz just after his bath before bed. He didn't wake up till 7am. The same thing happened yesterday and he had the second half after his bath. During the night he woke at 3 and had an oz of water but didn't wake properly till 7 this morning. He drained a bottle in 5 mins, back asleep and I woke him at 8. If he were hungry at 3 water wouldn't have sated him, would it? He settled easily after a drink and didn't budge till 7

Obviously the sleep is great, but if he is still fussy in the day and not taking much do I reinstate the df? Do I try to get him to drink his day bottles or let him dictate? He always drinks the first morning one fine and the df fine when given it. The past two days he's had 28 then 28 1/2oz, which is about 10oz down from usual. Is this ok? I am firstly worried with dropping df I am only offering 32oz of milk and secondly I am worried the amount he is now taking is not enough for him. But I don't want to force it down him. Obviously to get extra down him I would do the df again if he really isn't having enough.

Really sorry if this is a huge waffle, just wanted to explain everything properly. Feel free to tell me I'm a muppet for worrying or equally if I need to get him checked out

He is fine in himself, very happy and settled, sticking everything in his mouth but I think that's to be expected at his age, he sometimes seems in discomfort with teething (i think, first time mum) so I give gels or granules. Also, I have gone up a teat size already to see if that caused the fussing and it hasn't made a difference. If he is sleepy/asleep he still needs number 2 teats, but he can drink 3's fine when awake. Even though they are not making him drink any better do I stick with them?

He has been on the AR formula for months, could he be bored? Might he need normal formula now? I'm worried if I try him on it it could upset him.

Really sorry for so many questions and many thanks in advance for any help/reassurance/advice anyone has!

thehumanegg Wed 10-Apr-13 19:52:11

Personally, if his weight gain remains good and there's plenty of wet dirty nappies etc, and you're not worried about any other aspect of his health I'd just let him dictate what he wants. I've had the same worries many times but I think if she was breastfed I'd have no idea what she was taking and wouldn't know to worry.
Also the amount he's been getting recently still sounds good to me - though I've got a girl she's 98th centile for height at 8 months (! even though I'm hobbit sized) and a bit less for weight and I don't think she's ever taken more than 35oz - usually about 25-30 oz in the first 6 months.
Hope that makes you less worried. I know I've done the same and realise now that it didn't matter a bit! Because she's still a giant.

Kyzordz Thu 11-Apr-13 22:10:50

Thankyou smile I don't know if it's the fact he is now ok with the size 3 teats or dropping the night feed but he is feeding much better touch wood the bottle before bed he has half before the bath and half after as he cannot seem to wait for the bath/bed but wants the other half as is clearly hungry. Today I offered a full bottle instead of half of one and he had 7oz so was still offered 5 bottles I just might need to work on the spacing a bit as he would probably be full to the brim should he decide to drink the one before his bath and the one after, less than 2 hours later!

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