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Best bottle to try?

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Loopyhasanotherbean Tue 09-Apr-13 20:47:22

I bf ds1 until he was 15 months and currently bf'ing 7 month old ds2. Ds2 was born with tongue tie, lip tie and a very high palate. We had the tongue tie snipped at 8 days and he soon learned how to bf better. However he has never managed to figure out how to latch onto a bottle. Whilst I am happy to bf longer term, I would really like to be able to express some milk occasionally so that I can have a small amount of time away from him. There is also the issue that I would like to move house but this involves going back to work, and to be able to work I need him to accept a bottle whenever I need to work. Anyone able to suggest a bottle that might work for him? Ds1 also had lip tie, but tongue and palate were normal and he was ok with a tommee tippee closer to nature bottle. My additional concern is ds1 would drink plenty of water via a bottle until such time as he figured out how to suck from a cup. Ds2 still hasn't figured out how to use a cup and as he won't take a bottle I'm worried about getting enough water into him as hopefully the weather starts to warm up!

pinkegg11 Tue 09-Apr-13 20:50:18

We were told NUK bottles were the closest to breast feeding and after lots of problems trying to get DD to transition from bf to bottles using Tommee Tippee & Avent, she did start taking bottle better with NUK.

Kyzordz Wed 10-Apr-13 17:09:35

My ds will only use MAM, haven't tried NUK but heard they are good too. I was going to try those if the MAM hadn't been successful

Indith Wed 10-Apr-13 17:14:51

There isn't a best bottle I'm afraid, it is all just pot luck. Tbh if he is 7 months and not taking a bottle then I wouldn't bother getting him onto one, just stick to cups. He should get to grips with a freeflow sippy cup without too much trouble, even if he is just taking a few sips at a time or you might have more luck with an open cup. At this age you can start spending small amounts of time away and he can have food and sips of water or expressed milk in a cup until you come back. If you are worried about fluid while you are away from him then you could arrange it so that he has soup or a nice saucy stew for his lunch.

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