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Breastfeeding toiletries

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photographerlady Tue 09-Apr-13 10:10:10

I have a question. I am starting to pick up BF toiletries before the little one arrives. Any suggestions. I have a couple of tubes of nipple cream but nipple pads a must? Anything else?

RightUpMyRue Tue 09-Apr-13 10:14:39

Like what, beyond what you've bought already?

Not meaning to be rude but I'm baffled by what special toiletries you might need to feed your baby?

You need some pads and one tube of lansinoh (of which you'll use about a third on your nips over the first week or possibly two then the rest you'll end up using as lip balm).

Really, it's not necessary, it's a very simple process! smile

ThreeWheelsGood Tue 09-Apr-13 10:41:06

I use breast pads every day still, at 5 months. Buy a few boxes of different brands so you can use them all and decide which you like best. You won't need much nipple cream, only for the first few weeks as you're perfecting the latch. Get a nursing bra, cheap one for now then get refitted a few weeks after birth. Can't thinkof anything else!

readyforno2 Tue 09-Apr-13 10:46:34

I still use breast pads every day at 9 months, I have found the tommee tippee or lansinoh ones the best.

EauRouge Tue 09-Apr-13 10:46:36

I didn't use nipple cream at all (I still have it though, it's ace for when you get a sore nose when you have a cold) but went through tons of breast pads.

A decent-fitting bra is a must- get fitted somewhere that knows what they're doing, not M&S or Mothercare.

I went through loads of muslin squares too, they are handy for all sorts.

You don't need special breastfeeding clothes or a cushion, some mothers like them but they're not essentials. You don't necessarily need a pump either.

The only other thing I would do is look up local breastfeeding support and maybe go along to a group before your baby arrives. That way if you do hit any rough patches you will know where to get help.

photographerlady Tue 09-Apr-13 10:46:59

Thanks ThreeWheelsGood was unsure if I need nipple pads or if it was one of those worthless purchases. Will only pick up one pack of pads then, maybe one lanisoh (sp?) and one standard.

That was my question really. Sorry you got offended by it RightUp was just a question from someone expecting their first smile

BitBewildered Tue 09-Apr-13 10:49:20

Nipple cream. You won't need much. My one tube of Lanisoh lasted for two DC.

I didn't need breast pads, but many people do.

Nursing bras, a V-shaped pillow and a few muslins.

All the best!

ThreeWheelsGood Tue 09-Apr-13 10:58:34

eaurouge - where would you recommend for bra fittings? I went to Jojo Maman the other day and they were crap, I have to return the poorly fitting bra they "fitted"me in.

BitBewildered Tue 09-Apr-13 10:59:29

John Lewis were much better at fitting my (last) nursing bra than M&S. That probably has a lot to do with individual staff though, and I'm pretty busty so they didn't have much choice in my size.

I avoided highly scented body lotions and soaps on my chest when I bf'd, but didn't buy any of the new mother toiletries.

I bought a breast pump but found expressing tricky, so didn't use it much.

I can't think of anything else!

louloutheshamed Tue 09-Apr-13 11:01:26

I used Lansinoh, it took me a while to get my head round how often I needed to apply it and how much I needed for it too work! Once I sorted using it all the time the soreness went.

I never leaked though, I still have loads of unused breast pads and I stopped feeding ds when he was 18 mo (now 2.2).

photographerlady Tue 09-Apr-13 11:05:20

Thanks for all the tips

intheshed Tue 09-Apr-13 11:05:27

Use lansinoh right from the start, don't wait for them to get cracked first.

I bought one pack of breast pads but never ever used one, I guess I'm just not leaky!

MrsMarigold Tue 09-Apr-13 11:05:35

Lucky you not leaking - I've been bf my daughter for seven months and get through hundreds of pads. I never used Lanosoh with her but found it useful with my son.

noblegiraffe Tue 09-Apr-13 11:10:08

Just to post an alternative view on pads, I bought one box and got through them in a couple of days when my milk came in. I had to double them up in my bra and still ended up soaked in milk. I had to send out urgently for more boxes (I was still in hospital) and also several more nighties!

You need some clothes suitable for breastfeeding. I found nighties with poppers down the front invaluable for night feeds. I also had some tops with poppers and easy access nursing tops for daytime.
Once you get better at feeding you can wear a vest underneath and do the jumper up vest down thing, but at the start it's a lot easier if you can see your boobs properly to get the latch right.

EauRouge Tue 09-Apr-13 11:14:55

I always go to Bravissimo but that's only any good if you are D+ (a lot of people are without realising!). JL also very good.

Panzee Tue 09-Apr-13 11:16:36

I got through two tubes of lanolin cream during my one week of feeding because I had horrific cracks and scabs.

ChunkyPickle Tue 09-Apr-13 11:23:09

I used the silicone lillypadz rather than the absorbant pads - not bulky at all, and I found they stayed in place and stopped the leaking really well.. didn't need them after about the first 3 months though.

midori1999 Tue 09-Apr-13 11:41:22

I agree with bravissimo for bra fitting. They do Royce and Anita nursing bras too, which are great considering they're unwired.

I went through millions of breast pads, although didn't need them (or a bra, it was easier braless) until my milk came in on day 4. I used either Tesco or Asda and also found Johnsons good but more expensive.

Lanisoh is great, but I think it's only really useful if you get nipple damage and you can use vaseline instead if you want but you have to wipe it off before each feed. It's cheaper though.

YouMaySayImADreamer Tue 09-Apr-13 12:31:03

Im new to all this myself really but if i can help at all, i only had to buy one tube of lanisoh and didnt anywhere near use it although i didnt have it in so would be handy to have incase your nipples do crack or become sore. As soon as this did happen though i also called the local bf support who came and helped me with my latch so id say have some of this stuff in as a back up but dont buy tonnes as hopefully you wont need it.

I also have tonnes of breastpads but i havent noticed much leaking so have hardly used them. As other people have said though, itll depend on the individual so maybe just buy a box or two of disposable ones, theyre cheap enough sodoesnt matter too much if you dont use them.

I bought two nursing bras originally, one dark and one light and they have seen methrough the first 10 weeks especially as i do tonnes of washing with ds anyway!

I was lucky enough to already have a v pillow and did find it really handy in the first few weeks but you can get the same effect using normal cushions or pillows.

I totally understand the wanting to feel prepared and get everything in place because it does make it easier and its exciting as well! Id just say only buy a small amount of each things until you know what you need because other than wasting money its annoying to have all this stuff that you dont use hanging around the house!

Good luck :-)

Splinters Tue 09-Apr-13 14:49:04

Wow, I had no idea that some people don't need breast pads at all! I seem to get a let-down about every hour if dd hasn't just had a feed.

Definitely try a few different brands of pad to see which you like best. I found that the Tommee Tippee ones get crumpled quite quickly which is annoying; Avent nighttime ones are expensive but really really good if you're very leaky. I bought some Boots washable ones too and they're CRAP -- 'ultrasonically shaped to fit the contours of your breast' apparently, whatever that might mean, but actually almost flat and ridiculous-looking as well as uncomfortable!

Twattybollocks Tue 09-Apr-13 15:30:50

I find the lansinoh pads best personally, get a box, you may need them you may not, I leaked like a tap for 6 months with dd1 and not at all this time around. Lansinoh cream is good, or medela also do a lanolin cream. If you haven't got either of these two brands check in case you have to wash it off before feeding as that's a pain in the arse. Get a couple of cheap stretchy nursing bras for the first couple of weeks, you can get measured properly once your milk has settled a bit. All they need to do is unfasten easily, hold breast pads in place and not dig in anywhere. Lastly think about getting some non scented shower gel and roll on deodorant, babies have sensitive little noses and they can get a bit upset by fragranced shower gels talcs and deodorants which can cause problems with latching on.

OneLittleToddleTerror Tue 09-Apr-13 15:37:29

I leak like crazy and the only brand that worked for me is the lansinoh pads. I think amazon has the best price for them. I swapped to bamboo reusable after DD was 1 yo. I soaked through reusable before that.

I got a tube of Lansinoh gel, but I think I still have 3/4 of it left.

RubyrooUK Tue 09-Apr-13 15:37:38

Lansinoh is definitely necessary!

Weirdly, I don't need breast pads either. My boobs do leak but only at night (mmm, sexy).

And I have an enormous supply - my DS2 is nearly four weeks old now and has put on, er, two pounds in the last two weeks alone.

But my boobs just don't leak during the day. I still have two packets that I never used from the days of feeding DS1.

So maybe just get a packet of the pads and see what happens!

I find Elle MacPherson maternity/feeding bras the most comfy. I bought them at John Lewis, I think.

BumbleBee2011 Tue 09-Apr-13 20:43:22

Mostly what others have already said, but the one thing I wish I'd bought earlier was a pack of stretchy sleep bras (got mine from mothercare). Don't know why but I woke up drenched in leaked milk for a few days before I thought to get some! confused Used them with washable pads - problem solved.

Now expecting DC2 and am planning on wearing those sleep bras during the first days when the milk comes in and you feel massive, will be a lot more comfy than trying to wear a "proper" nursing bra.

WingDefence Tue 09-Apr-13 21:08:26

I am BFing my 11 day old DD and breast pads are a must.

I got fitted for my nursing bra in M&S and I'm actually really pleased with it (a two pack, cath kidson-style pattern and a pink with white polka dots).

I've been using laninsoh after every feed since day one as I have been paranoid about nipple damage/pain. I'm nearly at the end if my first tube and have just bought another one. I know I don't strictly need it if my nipples aren't cracked but they haven't been painful apart from feeling bruised the first couple days and I do think using the laninsoh has helped. (I know I have been lucky with DD latching on well from the start though.)

Good luck!

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