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diarrhoea = hungrier baby?

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minipie Mon 08-Apr-13 13:22:01

poor DD has had diarrhoea for the last couple of weeks (I've sent a sample to the doc to get tested for rotavirus).

She's also been a lot hungrier than usual during this time, including waking up for a 4am feed having previously slept through, and she's giving my poor nipples a real pounding.

I'm not sure whether the two are linked, or if the extra hunger/night feed is down to something else - growth spurt? 4 month sleep regression? (she is 5.5 months, but 4 months corrected age as was 6 weeks prem).

Anyone else find their baby got extra hungry if they had diarrhoea? and did the hunger calm down once the tummy sorted...?

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