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Changing feeding positions as they get older/bigger

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DrMcDreamysWife Sun 07-Apr-13 10:47:28

My dd is 7mo and very active, pretty much crawling...she does a commando type crawl. She is ebf and blw. At night we often feed lying down side by side or we do cradle hold tummy to tummy like we've done since she was a newborn which is comforting.

However in the day she is often quite distracted and wriggles like crazy during feeding. She will take a whole feed but likes to wave her legs around, whacking the other boob with her feet and waving her arm around whacking my face and boob. confused

Just wondering really if you fed in different positions as they got bigger or more active and if that helps?

jennimoo Sun 07-Apr-13 14:28:00

By the time DD weaned at 2.3 she was sort of sitting up on my lap rather than lying down. I'm not sure a different position will help with the wriggling though, just one of those things, although if its getting uncomfortable you could take her off and tell her to stay still?

Spiritedwolf Sun 07-Apr-13 18:14:35

DS (8 months) seems to find every which way of positioning.

We have the standing and leaning over or kneeling whilst I'm flat on my back in bed, the 'crawl' position if I'm sitting slouchily on the chair and there are other things he wants to keep an eye on (often accompanied by rocking back and forth hmm ), 'the stretch' if he's looking outwards whilst sitting side on and resting his head in the middle (this got the comment 'is he actually feeding? that can't be comfortable' at my mums, and if he's been inconsolibly upset and I've had to calm him down with horsey horsey, then we've had the lap sitting one. I've also occasionally 'dangled' whilst he's been lying down for a quick comfort sook without getting him up.

Our more regular positions are still cradle, cross cradle and lying down for night/nap feeds (both breasts from the one side as he's in a bedside cot). Managed to feed him off of one side whilst holding a newborn in the other hand, when visiting the new baby. It was awkward and less er... discreet than usual ... but its given me the confidence that tandem feeding would be doable, if I ever needed to.

I think the more variety of positions comes from a combination of him being more active and distractable, and me being fairly laid back about how often he feeds (he's on and off a lot).

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