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Ill with a high temp

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BuntyCollocks Sun 07-Apr-13 06:53:07

Do I need to eat to ensure I can feed dd?

JollyPurpleGiant Sun 07-Apr-13 06:58:55

Your body will prioritise making milk over pretty much anything else, so a few hours without food shouldn't do too much harm. Just make sure you are drinking plenty.

Abigail9580 Sun 07-Apr-13 07:08:43

Drink lots of fluids. I was ill for a couple of days with a big and my milk supply was fine. But HV recommended drinking flat fizzy drink as well as water as the sugars will help make you feel a little better. Get well soon xxx

BuntyCollocks Sun 07-Apr-13 07:48:02

Thank you thanks

noblegiraffe Sun 07-Apr-13 09:51:46

Lucozade Sport (the flat stuff) is brilliant for when you're ill and don't want to eat.

HorryIsUpduffed Sun 07-Apr-13 10:15:00

What they said. Little and often, whatever you can face. I can't face Lucozade when I'm not ill, but something sharp like lemon squash is ok.

Cup-a-soup? Wet bland foods like pears or melon?

Get well soon.

JollyPurpleGiant Sun 07-Apr-13 11:17:09

I'm not well at the mo (but pregnant rather than BF) and I'm managing to keep down Ribena but that's all.

You'll know what you fancy and juice is better than water for rehydrating you.

BuntyCollocks Sun 07-Apr-13 12:40:57

Thanks all. Bless DH he's a bit worried and scoured tesco for something to take my fancy. Failed, but the thought is there. I have some tropicana, so will go and get some of that.

Ugh. This is horrid. No wonder dd has been a grumpy wee so and so the last few days.

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