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follow on milk - why/when?

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Piccalilli Thu 11-May-06 17:00:34

My 7 month dd is exclusively bottlefed, she takes 5 6 oz bottles a day, we're having a lot of trouble with weaning (which is another subject entirely) but in light of that, should I be switching to follow-on milk or sticking with what she's on until she starts taking significant amounts of solids? Really confused about the whole thing so any opinions welcome.

Marne Thu 11-May-06 17:02:32

Follow-on milk is for when they are fully weaned, it does'nt fill them up us much so there is room for food (well thats what it says on the tin)

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 11-May-06 17:05:13

Milk should be the main "meal" for the first year so try not to worry too much about the weaning aspect.

Carry on with the milk you are using up to when dd is 12 mths and then you can switch to using cows milk anyway (which I believe is fine if your DD is fully weaned by then anyway)

Piccalilli Thu 11-May-06 17:05:47

That's the bit that confused me - I wondered whether maybe the reason she won't take the solids is cos the milk is filling her up too much...but reluctant to change anything til she actually is taking solids.

Piccalilli Thu 11-May-06 17:06:47

Sorry, cross posts - thanks VVVQV.

nothercules Thu 11-May-06 17:25:35

follow on milk is unecessary and sold as companies are not allowed to advertise normal formula. Babies cant absorb the extra iron in it so pointless and more expensive I believe anyway.

Marne Thu 11-May-06 17:30:34

I put dd1 on it because she would'nt take cows milk and it was less expensive, boots often have it on offer 2 for £10.

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 11-May-06 17:31:16

<was trying to steer clear of that particular argument northercules though fwiw i agree>

tiktok Thu 11-May-06 17:51:35

Marne - is this really what it says?

Follow on milk is marketed (note the word) for babies over six months.
It takes the place of ordinary formula, but it doesn't have to. Ordinary formula is not 'worse' than follow on.

kiskidee Thu 11-May-06 21:21:20

you may change your baby's milk and find that they still don't eat more solids. mine, though breastfed is just accepting solids at +12 months.

because of this I have spoken to other people with formula fed babies who have had the same experience.

no reason to hurry baby onto solids despite what everyone else around you may be doing or saying.

LucyJu Sat 13-May-06 14:48:57

"A change to follow-on milk isn't necessary at any stage" (Food Standards Agency). I found this site quite helpful with regard to advice about what food and drinks you can give to your baby.

Piccalilli Wed 17-May-06 15:11:53

Thanks everyone, that's really helpful. I must say my impulse was not to change in an 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' kind of way - she drinks her milk really well, just doesn't much like solids, but it's reassuring to know it has taken other babies a while to get into it.

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