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Dealing with cluster feeding at 10 weeks - when will it end?! Any experts out there?

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roamingwest Thu 04-Apr-13 14:06:09

My 10 wo DD is ebf - we've had a rocky time with poor latch, lots of wind and screaming at all hours, all due to (missed) posterior tongue tie which was dealt with at 8 weeks with huge improvement smile (note to other first timers - don't let everyone tell you your baby is 'colicky and will grow out of it' if your instincts tell you otherwise!).

Anyway since she had the tt done she has cluster fed till midnight every night! She never did this before maybe as she was too busy screaming with hunger every night. What should I expect? Is it because my supply is still low because of the tt (I can only express max 3oz at a time)? And when will it end - its may be unrealistic but I am keen to get her bedtime earlier as am going back to work in a couple of months.

I'm happy because she is soooo much happier and content but is there a general rule as to when cluster feeding phases out?

Thanks! smile

noblegiraffe Thu 04-Apr-13 15:19:15

My 9 week old has recently started doing this too, till midnight so I can't go to bed early which is annoying. I don't even then get a very long stretch of sleep out of her, maybe 3-4 hours before she wakes again.

No idea when it will end, but I feel your pain! And if it's any reassurance, I don't think it's due to low supply from what I've read, and I'm sure my supply is fine, as Ms Milky Chops will attest.

Annunziata Thu 04-Apr-13 21:05:14

Not an expert, but my five all did this, so I think it's normal. For us it stopped after about 12 weeks, so I don't think you'll have long left!

FreeButtonBee Fri 05-Apr-13 12:12:28

Yup, my 8 week old twins are still at it. Not every night but commonly 3-4 nights a week (combined with fussy screeching - joy!)

It's less than it was and I am counting the days to 12 weeks!

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