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To dream feed or not?

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lotsofthingstolearn Tue 02-Apr-13 10:40:42

My DS is 12 weeks old tomorrow and has pretty much put himself in his own 3 hour routine from the day he was born. He is formula fed and takes circa 90-120ml a feed. He is 15lb

He goes to bed 7-7.30pm and for the past 3 weeks I've given him a dream feed- he will take only about 60-90ml before falling fast asleep but it would push him until 3am ish! Before waking up in the morning between 6am and 7am.

I'm asking as not sure if I am being an impatient 1st time mummy and people keep saying oh he should be going through now- but I am not sure if the dream feed is working? We go to bed when he goes to bed to cope with the broken sleep and not sure if I should just put him down and leave to wake? I tried last night and he was up at 11.30pm and 3am. So clearly he is miles off sleeping through I think!

What did other people do? The little grubs loves his food but will not take anymore if he doesn't want it so I can't really give him any more the books say stop tanking up at 8 weeks- which didn't really work for us anyway as he just ended up snacking!

Am I being impatient or am I doing something wrong can some lovely MNers can give any advice or reassurance?

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 02-Apr-13 12:33:44

Despite what some people say, 12 weeks is very young to be sleeping through. In fact in one study, 55% of 1 year olds were still waking, no matter how they were fed or parented.

Have a look at the isis website. It a good site and is a great place to start if you are looking to make changes.

The book Sound Sleep by Sarah Woodhouse is good too smile.

atrcts Thu 04-Apr-13 22:38:18

What time are you doing a dream feed?

When I did that, the last feed had been at 7-7:30ish and then I did the dream feed at about 10:30ish when I went to bed myself. It made for a longer gap overnight that if I didn't do the dream feed.

Admittedly I don't think that was at 12 weeks though, it was maybe more like around 4/5 months.

BecAndAlex Thu 04-Apr-13 23:04:35

I did dream feed with DC1. He would go to bed at 7 ish, then dreamfeed at about 10.30-11ish and then would wake between 5 and 6am.I classed that as sleeping through, I can't really remember how I dropped the dreamfeed but eventually it stopped and he would go 7 till 6.
DC2 however was very different and she wouldn't drink her milk when asleep so dreamfeed was pretty much a non starter. With 2nd child I do think you tend to follow their lead more rather than try to mould them. I put her down at around 8 ish and she now sleeps through till 6ish. She is 17 weeks and she has done that herself. Initially she was waking at 2am then 5am and then sleeping to 8am which was the start of our day. Eventually the 2 am feed moved to 3am, which meant 5 am feed disappeared. Then 3 am feed moved to 4 am etc etc. A bit a patience is better as I now don't have the added worry of when to stop the dreamfeed.

Do what works for you, but if you are thinking of dropping the dreamfeed then pick a night when you know you can rest the next day. That way if baba is awake more in the night you can catch up on lost sleep.

Good luck

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