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Can this burning shooting pain be anything BUT thrush?

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cordiality Mon 01-Apr-13 12:28:49

Have been ebf 5mo DS and been plagued with issues since the start - mastitis, blocked ducts, blebs, nipple blanching, you name it, I get it! Mostly in my right breast.

Over the months I've occasionally had this dreadful pain in my nipple and going up deep inside my breast. It's like a shooting pain, kind of hot itchy burny, takes my breath away, sort of lasts 5 seconds and is every 30 seconds or so, for a couple of hours. It's so excruciating I feel like I want to rip my nipple off. It's just in my right breast.

Anyway, I'm cutting down bfing now, with a view to stopping over the next few weeks, not sure if that is relevant, and over the last week or so I've been getting it all the time. I googled and it said perhaps thrush. I have no other symptoms and DS has no symptoms that I can tell either.

Went to the doc, he said it was unlikely, but gave me single dose fluconazole just in case. I took that on sat. If anything it's much worse since then. Am also now on antibiotics for mastitis as I was feverish and shivering sat night, and boob was really painful. Feel fine now though. Except this nightmare nipple pain.

Er, this is really long, sorry. Basically, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BOOB??!!?! I've been literally screaming in agony today, hitting it and squeezing my nipple, anything to ease it, actual pain is seriously better than this.....

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 01-Apr-13 12:35:36

I'd give one of the bfing helplines a call. Google national Breastfeeding helpline uk if you haven't got any numbers. Hope it clears up soon.

EauRouge Mon 01-Apr-13 12:41:18

Nipple damage can cause breast pain. If it's just on one side then it is not thrush. BFN have a really good info sheet about thrush here. Can you see any damage to your nipple?

Not sure if this is something you would consider but it is possible to breastfeed from just one breast, if this is a factor in your decision to stop.

Emilythornesbff Mon 01-Apr-13 12:45:35

Sounds like thrush.
Both you and baby need to be treated. It's tough to shift.

cordiality Mon 01-Apr-13 21:49:53

Hi, thanks so much for the responses. Eau that fact sheet was really useful and interesting thank you. Going by that, I definitely don't have thrush.

I'm wondering if there's something in this nipple trauma thing (thanks again eau). I think a lot of my boob issues are down to poor latch (difficult to get a good one with v large floppy boobs and flat nipples!) and I have been trying to do a lot of rapid expressing so maybe I've just damaged my nipple inside perhaps.

I was very careful with my latch at DS's bedtime feed tonight and haven't so far had any pain after so that could be it!

Wonder why it's just on one side though? Will persevere with being very careful with it and see if that makes a difference. Fingers crossed...

McBaby Mon 01-Apr-13 21:54:37

Has your LO been cheked for tongue tie. I had one sided pain fora long time plus mastitis, thrush, damage etc all from tongue tie.

Booboostoo Mon 01-Apr-13 22:22:07

Nipple blister? They are excruciatingly painful, like a hot needle stabbing you through the nipple and the pain gets worse when the baby sucks. With the two I got you could see a small bump on the nipple that was the blockage.

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