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Anyone else feel nauseous just before let-down of milk?

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Tamz77 Fri 23-Jan-04 21:33:44

I know this sounds like an odd question, but I'd be grateful for any opinions or experiences. For the past few weeks I've been experiencing a wave of nausea (much like queasy sea- or morning- sickness) which occurs a few moments before the let-down of milk. It seems to be happening every time, when ds is feeding and when I have a let-down at other times.

Anyone else had this? I have no clue what causes it as ds is nearly 6 months now and it's never happened before! To be honest I thought it was associated with pregnancy as it coincided with the time I started "letting nature take its course" again but I've done 4 -ive pg tests, the most recent only yesterday.

Thanks in advance!

dinosaur Fri 23-Jan-04 21:35:53

I do remember sometimes feeling sort of dizzy - headspins. Not nausea though.

SofiaAmes Fri 23-Jan-04 21:47:28

I didn't get that but it doesn't sound abnormal. There are some pretty major hormones happening when you breastfeed and certainly there would be a surge of them to signal your breasts to let down the milk. Before having children I used to get majorly dizzy and almost faint for a few minutes exactly 4 hours before my period started.

prettycandles Mon 26-Jan-04 15:35:48

I used to get a weird and unpleasant 'surge' feeling deep down in my belly just after the beginning of feeds (I've never felt let-down at all), which was very similar to the nausea I felt with periods before having babies. I assumed that it was the let-down hormones surge, and that they were affecting my uterus. It does sound just like what you're describing, but I only ever had it in the first weeks of bfing.

BekkiKay Mon 26-Jan-04 15:39:40

I get dizzy and happy and sick all at once it sounds normal to me. The sickness is new to me as well my baby is 5 months. I'm putting it down to bf hormones.

hazlinh Sat 03-Apr-04 10:47:27

I thought I was the only one! I've been experiencing 'morning sickness' ever since I got back from hospital, which was a surprise cos I never had it during my pregnancy. the baby is now 2 months old and I'm still getting nausea everytime I feed her. Never bothered to ask the doctor why it normal???

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