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One week into a nursing strike and starting to panic...

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MumOfTheMoos Thu 28-Mar-13 12:14:02

DS is 12mo next week and last week because he was v poorly with a badly blocked nose, he couldn't breathe through his nose and stopped feeding.

For the first afternoon he rooted and put the nipple in his mouth and just breathed around it (iyswim). For most of the intervening time he has not wanted the nipple and just turned his head ,happy to use my boob as a nice comfy pillow.

Yesterday morning and again this morning when he woke up at 4am and was sleepy I managed to get him to take the nipple in his mouth but he did not latch on and no feeding.

He is feeling much better now and able to breathe with his mouth shut (most of the time, every now and then he's still a bit bunged up) and has been drinking formula, expressed bm and gold top cows milk through his straw cup so I know he can suck.

I'm expressing ok (just got 110mls) so I'm not too worried about my supply. It's gone down a bit, I would imagine, but once DS starts feeding again he can make that go up.

I'm just worried htat he's not going to start feeding again. He was having 2 to 4 feeds a day (depending on whether he was at CMs or not) and I am not ready for him to stop. He had undiagnosed TT when he was first born and I found not being able to feed him so traumatic and I'm beginning to feel really panicked thatI 'ill never be able to feed him again.

I had planned to drop to 2 feeds a day after his birthday, first thing and last thing but I had wanted to keep those until he was ready to drop them naturally.

I don't know how to encourage him to start sucking. I've been offering the breast regularly, doing lots of skin on skin, bringing him into our bed early in the morning when he's sleepy to feed lying down etc, etc

What are other people's experiences? How did you go from dc occasionally putting the nipple in the mouth to feeding again? I hand express so that he doesn't have to wait for the let down as well; what else can I do?

Soupa Wed 03-Apr-13 23:33:20

How is it going mum? Hope he is feeling better and all back to normal.

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