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Cluster feeding or crying because of discomfort?

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Cheeka Thu 28-Mar-13 09:51:55

Hi-I have 2 week old twins and although I have bf previously (DS1 till he was 16m), I find myself plagued by the usual doubts...I am attempting to ebf the twins, it seems to be going well, feeding every 3hrs, plenty of wet and dirty nappies.their birth weights were 5lb 7 and 5lb 12. At 10 days, DT1 has regained a little over her birth weight but DT2 is still a little under his birth weight...
My question is regarding the nights!!during the day they are calm, sleepy and relatively placid. At around 6pm, they start grizzling, DT1 in particular, escalating into blood curdling screams. My ears were truly ringing last night as she was so loud. She appears to be in discomfort, face screwed up in pain, knees brought up (but paed at hospital told me it was characteristic as she was breech).i do wind her and try to keep her upright but I rarely get a burp out of her and it doesn't make much difference to her crying. Now, is she crying because she is hungry and wants to cluster feed or is it wind/colic/reflux? After ages patting and rocking to no end, I end up putting her on the boob and she settles.i have no problems with her feeding off me all evening (I quite enjoy it as I can sit and watch tv as I bf)- but I worry that feeding will only exacerbate her crying/discomfort later on. Once she is latched on she calms down but soon falls asleep.She does seem to root around for the breast as she cries but also hiccups, gags and looks pained...Dt2 also does this but not to the extreme levels as DT1!any advice?

tiktok Thu 28-Mar-13 11:17:30

Cheeka - lovely to hear about your little ebf twins smile

It's often a concern of mothers that they should not feed in response to their baby's crying in case it exacerbates wind/colic/reflux....but this is largely unfounded. Your DT settles on the breast - just feed her. Babies cry because they need the breast for comfort, closeness, contact and the familiarity of it all. The signs of discomfort are signs of distress - the screwed up face, the knees drawn up, are not necessarily signs of physical pain, this is just how tiny babies cry. It's far easier to feed (even with twins) than to pat, jiggle, soothe and rock.

Just cluster feed, relax into it, and enjoy all your fave tv and box sets smile

MajaBiene Thu 28-Mar-13 11:22:21

If they cry when not on the breast, and stop crying when they are - I would definitely feed!

Cheeka Thu 28-Mar-13 11:39:35

Thank you Tiktok smile and Majabiene!
That's really reassuring to hear, i shall feed with confidence this

katiecubs Thu 28-Mar-13 23:05:58

Just to say I have the exact same issue with DS (6 weeks) and I just keep him on the boob all evening! It's starting to get better now and he is gradually going to sleep for the night earlier and earlier smile

P.s well done!!

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