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The battle of boob Vs!

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Ghostie Thu 28-Mar-13 04:19:07

So my DD2 is 3 months and ebf. I am trying, without luck, to get her take a bottle. DD1 took one from the start and was a greedy guzzler and no problem at all. DD2 was a month early and had some trouble latching, and so the two things combined made me late to give a bottle. I knew I should have done it sooner! We did give a bottle a few times, but weren't consistent.

She would never take a dummy, and we've tried every type possible, they just make her gag. She won't even latch on to a bottle and just screams.

It is all very stressful, but DH and I are going to have to persist, before I go back to work, amongst other reasons.

We are trying bottles with smaller teets, to try and make it easier for her. We've tried giving it when she's not hungry, when she is, half way through BFing.

Any tips or magic solutions that don't involve her screaming??!

monsterchild Thu 28-Mar-13 04:24:40

Try when you aren't in the room. She'll know you're there and hold out for the boob. Also try when she isn't to hungry as it could take some of the pressure off.

Good luck!

hairclipcloe Thu 28-Mar-13 20:36:58

We tried a few bottles-ended up successful with the nuk with the latex teat. Also try when she isn't hungry (in a good mood!) and get someone else to give it to her. We tried just putting the teat in at first so she could feel it with her tongue. Good luck!

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