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For anyone who breastfeeds their baby - or who would like/have liked to do so...

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LucyJu Tue 09-May-06 12:16:04

Please sign the petition to Tony Blair , first brought to our attention by Kiskidee on another thread.

It isn't about forcing anyone to breastfeed or "having a go" at anyone who, for whatever reason, doesn't. It is about ensuring that the proper structures are in place so that those women who want to breastfeed will get all the support they need. There seem to be so many mothers around who struggle to get breastfeeding established or who give up before they would have liked to because the support and help they wanted was simply not there.

The organisers are aiming for 10 000 signature - they have about 3500 so far. Please would you add yours?

WigWamBam Tue 09-May-06 12:17:58

Done and bump

suzywong Tue 09-May-06 12:20:36


Gizmo Tue 09-May-06 12:26:54


Jasnem Tue 09-May-06 12:35:06


meowmix Tue 09-May-06 12:53:05


Steppy1 Tue 09-May-06 12:57:03

...I'll send this out to all the women on my "The Having a Baby company" database ..and have, of course, signed it myself !

Rhian101 Tue 09-May-06 13:00:52

Done, bump

Hausfrau Tue 09-May-06 13:01:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PiccadillyCircus Tue 09-May-06 13:03:08


Munz Tue 09-May-06 13:54:57

done, and I must add my loacl hospital withybush is excellent for BF, they don't pressure u but they'll do their up most if u say u want to feed they'll get u to try everything without pressure etc to ensure you're fully happy with everything be it BF or formula.

LucyJu Tue 09-May-06 15:53:58


Gingerbear Tue 09-May-06 16:03:06


Filyjonk Tue 09-May-06 20:23:03



kiskidee Tue 09-May-06 21:33:18


hotmama Mon 15-May-06 15:20:04


pianomummy Mon 15-May-06 15:24:40

Me too!

ellenrose Mon 15-May-06 15:26:42

Done and bump

Jackmummy Mon 15-May-06 16:15:32

Done (whilst bf dd!)

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 15-May-06 16:17:42

done. Im sig number 3501

shazronnie Mon 15-May-06 16:19:48

done I'm 3502

Surfermum Mon 15-May-06 16:42:21


Socci Mon 15-May-06 16:49:06

Message withdrawn

cupcakes Mon 15-May-06 16:53:47


Halster Mon 15-May-06 17:10:45


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