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Lilypadz 'reusable breast pads'- any good?

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Rach69 Sun 07-May-06 19:55:04

Has anyone tried these? They look really good but do they really adhere to your boob and if so, are they painful to remove?!

here on ebay

alex8 Sun 07-May-06 19:57:07

Do you not like the normal washable ones? I would be a bit worried about thrush as it looks like it would create the sort of environment that it would thrive in.

drosophila Sun 07-May-06 20:14:36

In case you are interested I found the best pasds were the Tomee Tippee disposable ones in Boots. Better than any washable ones or other disposable one.

Rach69 Sun 07-May-06 20:18:04

I use the washable ones now but don't find them any better than disposable (just greener and meaner!). My problem is not that I leak between feeds but when he latches on I get a massive let down of milk on both sides. Sometimes I use breast shells to catch the drips but this is a little obtrusive when I am out and about! The best thing I find is to firmly press a finger over my nipple on the non-feeding side but again this can cause staring... I thought I could just bung these on before a feed and take them off afterwards.

alex8 Sun 07-May-06 20:19:37

Yes that seems a good idea then rather than wearing them all the time.

r3dh3d Sun 07-May-06 20:39:53

Rach, I use these.

They're good, but not superb iyswim. As long as you're not gushing fountains, they're OK. However, if you get very strong letdown on both sides when feeding they don't work so well. They tend to collect a little bit of milk in the middle and spurt it all over the place when you take them off for a feed. Worst case, they leak, though that has only happened to me twice.

On the practical side, they do adhere to your boob, but more like a post-it note than sellotape so peel off without any problem.

misdee Sun 07-May-06 20:42:12

they are good, but not brilliant. i se them when i am wearing sheer tops and dont want the saucer-in-the-bra look.

neena28 Sun 07-May-06 20:42:13

Saw these at the baby show in london last year.

They actually looked like they would work to me and I was a bit of a gusher at times with both ds and dd. I knew I was only intending to feed for 6 months though so didn't see the point in forking out for them when I knew I wouldn't get the use.

I asked about mastitsis (SP) and thrush but they assured me you were no more likely to get it than with oridinary breast pads. They did seem to stick really well though and used the inverted nipple technique like rach says. They are like weird plasticky stuff that adhers rather than sticks if that makes sense, like a piece of cling film on a window! So no wouldn't hurt at all to remove.

Also they are really thin and clear as they stop the milk leaking rather than just soak it up so i reckon they would never show through a t shirt like those awful ones that make you look like you've got a UFO stuffed in your bra.

If you can find the baby show on the internet then the company might be listed that supplies them in the UK, if i remember correctly they had a website that would prob tell you more than I can. I am crap at the internet thing and don't really get links sorry. HTH

rachel14 Sat 03-Jun-06 22:13:55

These Are great! You can ewar summer T shirts again...

Nothing is 100% ie tampax! I've only leaked a couple of times when gone over a feed - so stick to roputine.

I wouldn't use anything else - now

rachel14 Sat 03-Jun-06 22:17:24

Alsoo....feel comfortable you don't know you're wearing them - no bulky pads which is great!


rachel14 Sat 03-Jun-06 22:19:53

Just in respnse to Nina's message 6 months is great for breastfeeding. You'd save a fortune! But they don't last forever - not past 6 months! Re-useable not everlasting!

pupuce Sat 03-Jun-06 22:25:56

Our local lactation consultant thinks they are very good for women who leak a lot...

SecurMummy Sat 03-Jun-06 22:29:01

Well I tried sthese and found them to be an unmitigated nuisance lol!

I found that when I leaked it didn't stop it at all but just caused the milk to leak around the edges of the pads so my wet spots started further out - which looks even more odd than leaking through a normal pad. I also found it happened much more often as there was no absorbancy so was "full" much more often.

Mind you, in fairness I am a real gusher

Have to say I agree with the whole finger on the other one approach. When out I used to just push a little of the muslin or whatever I had into my blouse and sureptiously (sp?) press my arm against my breast over my nipple. This seemed to do the trick most of the time and is a little less obvious than a pointing finger lol!

Oh yes and also I used to slip the pad from the side I was feeding over the pad on the other side just incase things got a bit too over the top

(when I say gush I mean I couldn't use breast shells as they would overfill during the course of feeding off one side IYSWIM!)

SecurMummy Sat 03-Jun-06 22:29:38

sorry Pupuce!

pupuce Sat 03-Jun-06 22:31:15

Not at all Secur.... your experience is very interesting!

SecurMummy Sat 03-Jun-06 22:48:15

that is one word for it!

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