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Playtex teats

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hercules Thu 22-Jan-04 15:38:21

Do these fit with Avent bottles? I was recommended to buy these teats for my dd who refuses to drink expressed m from a bottle but they seem to be to wide to fit my avent bottles.

bundle Thu 22-Jan-04 15:53:31

no they don't fit. do you need a playtex bottle? I can get them from the chemist near me if you like.

Marina Thu 22-Jan-04 15:56:00

No, they don't Hercules. you have to buy their matching disposable bag holders (and bags to go in them).

However...I have some Playtex stuff that I no longer need because dd won't use them (ds was very happy with them, babies eh!). I can let you have a holder plus some bags that are surplus to requirements.

Mail me via the site if you are interested.

hermykne Thu 22-Jan-04 16:24:28

if you need a constant supply lilliput in battersea stock them and the do p&p.
there is a link to them somewhere in mumsnet but if you do a search it should come up.
i keep losing it!

hercules Thu 22-Jan-04 22:08:06

Thanks for the replies. I went to an independant chemists and bought that bottle holder, I already have bags from Boots. Thanks Marina and bundle for the offers though. Now I just need to persuade dd to drink from them. The instructions for the playtex teat says not to sterilise only wash in soapy water, is this safe?

JanH Thu 22-Jan-04 22:21:12

Hercules, you can turn them inside out (I'm assuming it's the flat plain kind, not shaped?) so you can make sure you get into all the crevices. You could stick them in boiling water for a couple of minutes too. They last much longer if they're not sterilised.

Marina, sorry to see dd didn't take to them, what are you doing instead?

hercules Thu 22-Jan-04 22:33:14

thanks janh, the teats arent flat flat but are a strange shapu unlike normal teats. i too am curious what marina did as have to go back to work soon. excuse one handed typing.

Marina Fri 23-Jan-04 09:56:50

Hi there, I think I know the sort of teats you have Hercules, we just turned them inside out, scrubbed them like mad with v. hot water and Ecover washing up liquid, rinsed, dunked in freshly boiled water for a few secs and then (whispers) didn't sterilise them either. Just like JanH says - because they are natural latex they need replacing more often and will perish v. fast if steam sterilised. Glad you found the kit you needed and good luck!
Huh. Dd is doing fine with taking EBM *provided* she can drink it from a really elderly and frankly manky-looking Avent soft spout. Relic from ds' days and no longer available. Playtex, Avent teats, Avent "Magic" thanks. We only have one left. It's just like The Last Noo-noo. I have another thread going on this one - an all-ports alert for any ancient Avent spouts lurking in cupboards, behind radiators etc What we do for our little dears...
I'm just relieved she is drinking, tbh. Thanks for asking!

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