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mild tongue tie/ upper lip tie but no nipple pain?

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Clarella Sun 17-Mar-13 02:41:50

this has been suggested and I'm asking for a referral but I've never really had any pain except a mildly cracked nipple. lo has all the associated issues though and we're looking into reflux at the mo. he certainly has a top lip tie and seems to have limited tongue motility. (according to an lll leader though only at mo through images I sent to her)

I have a top lip tie I realise and a gap in front teeth.

he's 14 weeks old and breast feeding can be distressing for both of us. he's exclusively breast fed.

kissyfur Sun 24-Mar-13 13:09:13

Hoping tomorrow goes well clarella, will be thinking of you and LO

Hugs Toomany, hope things are better today. Thinking in going to take LO to Huddersfield to get her lip tie done as well, it's a long journey for us but think it'll be worth it. Let us know how u get on x

minipie Sun 24-Mar-13 13:13:05

yes, major improvement (though still not perfect eg I still find feeds in public aren't very effective) - took about 10 days to see clear improvement and about 2/3 weeks to get the full effect.

Clarella Mon 25-Mar-13 11:29:21

thanks mini. extremely nervous about the appointment this afternoon. xx

Clarella Mon 25-Mar-13 11:29:34

lol in text mode!

minipie Mon 25-Mar-13 13:20:56

good luck! and xx back to you grin

Clarella Mon 25-Mar-13 13:52:22


kissyfur Mon 25-Mar-13 20:34:00

How did it go clarella? Hope everything went well and G is feeding better now

Clarella Mon 25-Mar-13 20:45:02

all done - not much of a do at all - jabs are worse! he was super brave and fed within a couple of mins smile I can't be sure but latch feels deeper and less messy already but will see how next few days go. so tired, been so wound up about it. thanks for your support. how are things with you? any progress?.and toomany? x

kissyfur Mon 25-Mar-13 20:53:32

Aww so glad to hear that smile
Not much change here, LO still off feeding in the day but I think that's due to her being nosey and getting distracted more than anything else. Am going to take her to the dentist about her lip and if they think it will cause problems go to Huddersfield and get it fixed. Have HV visiting tomorrow so will see if she has any advice too

Clarella Mon 25-Mar-13 21:00:29

I feel distraction added an extra issue to the latch problem. any little peer or jerk upset everything. another reason why lying in bed got better results!

I must admit I have a lip tie and a small gap and at 36 no fillings - mine has stretched. I was fed till 2 and half though which apparently would have helped flatten my pallette and spread my teeth thus better dental health. but if you feel it's that much ofan issue when feeding its not going to harm getting cut. hope hv can help ( I often find they can't!! )

kissyfur Mon 25-Mar-13 21:17:13

I didn't manage to get her to feed for more than 5 minutes today, she kept looking at DD1 or the TV. Hopefully it's a phase she will grow out of!

It's hard to tell at the moment as their little mouths are so small but I do think it comes quite far down on her gum, just don't want it to affect her speech or anything, and id rather get it sorted while she is small. hopefully the dentist will be able to help. As for the HV, I don't hold out much hope either, but you never know smile

TooManyDicksOnTheDancefloor Tue 26-Mar-13 09:50:25

Glad it went well clarella smile. We seemed to have turned a corner here, B is feeding much better and her poo is a normal colour. I think it was a mammoth growth spurt that she has now come through. I don't know what she weighs now but she looks physically bigger. I'm still waiting to hear from the hospital, I've got a dentist appointment next week anyway so I'm going to ask his advice.

Clarella Tue 26-Mar-13 19:26:06

oh dear kissy - hopefully a phase! problem is I think thats why they don't sleep as well in the night and get hungry! totally understand about sorting it out while small though.

that's good toomany - I'm sure it's growth spurts that knock us sideways. both the demand fir extra calories plus the mouth and face grows and changes.

we had a funny screaming fit mid morning while trying to feed but as he's on antibiotics too which are messing up his system plus possibly teething I don't know if it was that. not branched out beyond bed since. I'm wondered if the suck seems more effective. he's certainly got a lot more movement from side to side.

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