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Colic and wind problems

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zan Sun 07-May-06 11:00:57

Hi, This is the first time I've used this site and not very good at the whole computer thing. i have given up on the breast feeding and went on to formula (for too many rasons to type) Since changing 5 days ago my ds has had major colic he is 18 days old I have tried Infacol but it hasn't worked. Please help he is in pain and I need a sleep.

nothercules Sun 07-May-06 11:08:00

if I were ever to have another child I would take them for cranial osteopathy for sure. Mine were bf but still suffered.

donnie Sun 07-May-06 11:10:45

hi zan, I really sympathise as I know how hard this is and I hope you don't feel bad about giving up bfing.Which formula do you use? we found aptamil was the best one, I think quite a few mumsnetters have had problems with sma gold and found aptimil better.Also, try to feed the baby slowly and with the teat full so no bubbles get in.Yo can get different bottles and teats - other people may have advice.
Hope u get some rest

zan Sun 07-May-06 11:26:21

nothecules, What does cranial osteopathy do?

Donnie, we using cow and gate ready made stuff as dh got this @ 3am from Asda when I just couldn't take the bfeeding any more and I've been too scared to change it. We are using Avent stage 1 bottles and teats.

flamesparrow Sun 07-May-06 11:55:17

Yup, osteopath or chiropractor - they work magic!

donnie Sun 07-May-06 14:32:00

it might be worth trying a different formula, also you can get those other bottles - sorry, can't remember what they are called but they are meant to be good fro colic and wind. Have you asked your health visitor for any advice?
the other thing is the baby may be more comfortable on his/her front after feeding, lay them along your lap tummy down and see if it helps relive the wind.

kiskidee Sun 07-May-06 16:18:51

i understand that avent bottles and nipples are v. colicky. the teats are hard. also heard here on MN that MAM bottles and teats are much better for colic. the teats are soft. I use these for my dd who is breastfed but takes expressed milk in a bottle at nursery. i have seen them in mothercare and boots.

expatinscotland Sun 07-May-06 16:25:05

we used a cranial osteopath, too, w/dd2, but she is breastfed/expressed breast milk fed.

but whilst waiting on the appointment, there are some things you can do.

have you tried swaddling your baby? that can help. so can carrying him in a sling against your body.

a breastfeeding counsellor also showed me a new way to wind dd2 - i would put her over my forearm and stroke her back - much more effective, IME.

have you tried Dr. Brown's bottles - they are in Boots and i've heard good things about them. also about MAM and Townee Tippee ones.

also, it's REALLY expensive, but Colief can help where Infacol doesn't. it's about a tenner for a small bottle, which lasts about a week, but if you're desperate it might be worth a try.

what formula are you using? a friend has a colicky baby and said she got relief from cow and gate omneo comfort.

expatinscotland Sun 07-May-06 16:26:33

And hang in there, zan! It's a horrible, desperate feeling as a mum. Plenty of us have been there. Don't worry, it WILL pass.

MumtoBen Sun 07-May-06 20:00:46

My son had bad colic even though I was breastfeeding. Tried Infacol too and it didn't work. Weleda Chamomile Granules were better but didn't cure it (they're quite difficult to get hold of though). They were recommended by my HV.

The best thing I found was lying my son on my stomach, with his stomach touching mine and rubbing his back. He usually feel asleep within 10 minutes. And then I transferred him back to his cot.

For virtually everyone I know the colic seemed to disappear at about 3 months.

spinach Sun 07-May-06 20:04:36

can really recommend cranial ost. did wonders for mine.

zan Sun 07-May-06 20:23:40

Thank you all so much, I'll look into it all. It's so good to know that so many others have the same probs.

kiskidee Mon 08-May-06 13:22:37

found old fashioned gripe water much better & cheaper than infacol

Calmriver Mon 08-May-06 16:42:19

Dr Browns bottles,or B-free from Boots are really good! My DD went onto those.she suffered from wind especially from those Avent bottles. they are so full of bubbles it's crazy!

I would try Dr B's. They are special colic preventative bottles!

tiktok Mon 08-May-06 17:03:13

zan....I understand about yu making the switch, and you may not want to hear this, but would going back to breastfeeding, if it would work better, not be an option for you??? If your baby has developed these problems since switching to formula, then maybe going back to bf could be done?

If you decide not to, then another formula might be worth trying. There is nothing wrong with putting a baby on a different brand.The idea babies shouldn't chop and change is b***cks, really....

Coolmama Mon 08-May-06 17:10:28

If you want to stay on formula, try the Omneo Comfort formula from Cow and Gate - that and Dr Brown's bottles really helped DS - but I was mix-feeding, so maybe go with Tiktok's suggestion and see it that doesn't help.

zan Mon 08-May-06 18:02:07

nothercules, Thanks for recommending the cranial osteopathy. I've done a bit of research and have an app for Thurs. I went to Boots today to get other branded teats and was shocked that I'd have to buy the bottle as well. I've just bought 8 Avent ones. expensive business this parenthood.
Tiltok, he was an underweight early baby and had probs sucking and as a result I wasn't making enough milk for him. He is so much more content after a feed now and at least I can put him down for an hour or two now. My boobs haven't really filled up and I've had no probs with them since taking him off is it not too late to go back now?

Dreddymonsta Sat 20-May-06 18:49:15

My son is just 3 weeks old (3 wks prem too). He was feeding and sleeping really well but lately, Im lucky if I can get him to feed for ten minutes. I keep trying but no interest. so I change him and put him to bed, where he fusses a lot, as if he has wind then the next feed is short too. Worried that he may become a snacker and never get any hind milk. any ideas?

tiktok Sat 20-May-06 18:54:10

Dreddy, if your baby is happy with less time than before, then that's ok. He may want to be next to you, and this is why he fusses when put down. You do not need to be worried about snacking or not getting to himd milk, really...babies sort this out for themselves - loads in archives about this.

Babies do not all need the exact same time on the breast.

Anyone who says or writes that they do is talking rubbish

Dreddymonsta Sat 20-May-06 22:23:00

My son is just 3 weeks old (3 wks prem too). He was feeding and sleeping really well but lately, Im lucky if I can get him to feed for ten minutes. I keep trying but no interest. so I change him and put him to bed, where he fusses a lot, as if he has wind then the next feed is short too. Worried that he may become a snacker and never get any hind milk. any ideas?

GeorginaA Sat 20-May-06 22:44:23

Hi zan - it's horrible isn't it Ds2 suffered from colic as a baby and it was a hellish time.

At the time, a group of us on mumsnet had a huge thread going on all the things we'd tried and what was successful and what wasn't. I don't think archives are working properly at the moment, but I did compile all the different things and put them on a blog post at the time.

It's here at: Colic Resources - it's quite lengthy, but hopefully there's something on there you haven't tried yet and might be helpful.

Hang on in there

Dreddymonsta Sun 21-May-06 09:56:19

Thank u Tiktok & Georgina. Great to feel less alone. Am printing off the colic info. Looks good. Just took 45 mins of shush-pat to get him to sleep. I feel so sorry for him but am never quite sure what to do to help him . I want to pick him up n wind him but them Im torn as to whether that'll disturb him more. Looks like I need to spend MORE time winding him after a feed. Cheers guys

tiktok Sun 21-May-06 10:27:43

Try putting him back to the breast instead of shusshing and patting, dreddy....maybe he just needs that extra comfort and extra sucking to settle him.

Dreddymonsta Sun 21-May-06 19:03:41

I did try that but when he refuses to suckle he refuses it properly! Getting very confused about the idea of expressing milk to help my supply, like when and how close to a feed. One book says that he should be doing at least 30 mins on one breast and then going for the other!!! I can only get 20 mins at a push and then he's lazy at feeding. Weird thing is, I have to wake him for feeds so he can't be starving?! So many conflicting opinions. I want my intuition and common sense back. I think I left it in the delivery suite . He's being weighed 2moro. That'll show me a thing or two.

tiktok Sun 21-May-06 20:20:36

Dreddy, any book that puts any sort of time on a feed is rubbish and should be ignored. 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes - it's all rubbish. The time on the clock does not reflect in anyway the effectveness of the feed or the quantity of milk taken.

Your baby is so new, and in fact would only otherwise be just here now, as he was 3 wks before his due date, Just cuddle him and hold him as much as he wants.

Why would you want to express, by the way?

What are his nappies like? He should be producing several yellow poos a day.

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