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12 wk old refusing to take his milk

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Chloe55 Sat 06-May-06 12:15:58

He is ff. He used to take the bottle really well and would have 6oz five times a day. Over the past week it has been a real struggle to get more than 2/3oz down him at each feed during the day. The one he takes in the middle of the night he more often than not finishes and he seems to enjoy it. The rest of the time we have tears and tantrums and I sometimes feel like I am forcing the small amount down him he gets. He isn't underweight by any stretch (was 9lb10oz at birth and is now 14lbs6oz) but I am worried he either is getting a food phobia or he might lose weight. Could it be that he is just not hungry? I tend to feed him about every 4hrs when he gets ratty but yesterday we went 5 1/2hrs and he still refused to eat Feeding time is becoming a chore for both of us and it used to be so pleasant. Does anyone have any suggestions/experiences they can share with me please?

edam Sat 06-May-06 12:20:21

Chloe, I really wouldn't force milk down him if he struggles against it. He's telling you as clearly as he can that he doesn't want any more. Do speak to your HV to check it out - maybe he's got a tummy upset coming on?

Chloe55 Sat 06-May-06 12:25:24

Could be but it seems strange he takes his middle of the night bottle well and he is generally a happy baby so the only time he gets upset is at feeding time. I know I said I feel like we force it but I try and encourage (wiggling the bottle etc) as appose to shove the bottle in his mouth and keep it there. I know I need to speak to my hv but I sometimes find her very unhelpful. I have mentioned it before and all she said was yeah well some days babies are less hungry. Not much help when it seems to be all days at th moment

edam Sat 06-May-06 12:43:29

Oh, you've got one of those HVs? Great. Seriously, I'd leave it - just give him as much/little as he wants. If you make him take too much he'll only bring it back up. Maybe his growth is slowing down a little - the reverse of a growth spurt. If he's happy, alert, filling his nappy and not losing weight, I'd just go with what he wants tbh and try not to worry about it

Jasnem Sat 06-May-06 13:29:58

Chloe - if he's taking it well at night and not in the day, could it be the distractions around him? Maybe try taking him somewhere quiet and boring to feed him?

edam Sat 06-May-06 13:31:59

Jasnem's post reminded me, I know breastfed babies often have a big feed at night. And breasts produce more milk at night. So presumably babies are made to want more milk at night, wherever it comes from?

Chloe55 Sat 06-May-06 14:29:43

Thanks for your input. Deep down I know you're right really - if he's happy and healthy then it shouldn't really be an issue, I was just a bit concerned that he was stropping at feed times, I don't want to end up with a really fussy eater. From now on I will give him his bottle if he asks for it and take it away as soon as he gives up on it, even if he only has an ounce. At the end of the day he isn't gonna starve himself is he? I did think that about the milk production being more during the night Edam, thing is he went a fortnight sleeping through and has now decided to wake up at 3am on the dot again - if he needs it, he needs it though and tbh I feel a little bit more reassured that he gets that full bottle regardless of the time of day. I must admit Jas I do have a habit of feeding him with TV/radio on, I will try and feed him in his nursery and see if it improves. Thanks guys.

edam Sat 06-May-06 14:38:28

I honestly don't think there's any relation between rejecting the last few oz of your bottle aged three months and turning into a fussy eater. Solids are a whole different issue, involving completely different physical techniques.

Jasnem Sat 06-May-06 16:03:04

I's way too early to worry about him becoming a fussy eater. Maybe he's picking up on your anxiety too. If you do what you said and just give as much as he wants when he asks, he'll probably pick up again .

dreamteamgirl Sat 06-May-06 21:01:53

No idea if there is any connection, but my DS had reflux, and always fed miles better at night and on his dreamfeed, as he wasnt tensed up expecting the pain...
Does he arch his back and pull away from the bottle?

peaches27 Sat 06-May-06 22:02:49

Our DGD age 5 months has always fed really well at night, finished feeds, etc but was fussy sometimes in the day. This would come and go. We went to the doc when she was about 3 months because she would feed for about a minute then shake her head, arch her back and fuss, then go back, and repeat it, then eventually refuse the bottle. He said it might be reflux but he would review her the following week. The following week she was feeding fine, so we left it. It happened again from time to time, then solved itself. But always she fed well at night. She would also often have days when she brought back more of her feed than usual. I didnt push it with the doc because after a while we reasoned she was OK, the health visitor was weighing her and happy etc. and I didnt want to put her on gaviscon unless it was much worse.

She has gained steadily, started solids, and now it seems to be sorting itself. Now we have another problem ... you might face it in a couple of months. We want her to give up the 2am feed and she wont, but she will give up the 6-8am feed!

Chloe55 Sun 07-May-06 09:36:57

Yeah he does arch his back and wriggle about when you give him his bottle. He always gets hiccups too - is this any connection to reflux?

wheredoistartmrs Tue 04-Dec-12 16:49:19

that is classic reflux, i have the same, my brilliant dietician says wean at four months ,take ranitidine and the best advise don't put the bottle into his mouth rest it on his cheek and if he wants it he will go for it and not associate it with pain. he may also be allergic to milk not do blw.

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