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Thought we had it please!

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ckwkatie Fri 08-Mar-13 08:49:58

DD is 1 week old today. Despite early problems with an uncomfortable latch and suspected tongue tie, the last couple days of BF have gone pretty well. Latch is better and though she pretty much wants to be at breast around the clock, am ok with that as really wanted to establish a healthy supply.

Last night something weird happened, almost as of she was over-tired or something...she was frantically rooting for my breast, but as soon as I put it to her mouth she would suck for one second, break the latch, scream, and kick her legs in fury. Then start frantically rooting again, repeat cycle, for about 10 minutes, then I finally gave up, rocked her to sleep, and she slept for SIX hours.

Now my breasts are fit to burst, she woke up and fed like nothing happened at 3 am and again at 6, then 7, then 8. She still has come nowhere to emptying my engorged breasts that are used to her being latched on continuously.

So my questions are 1. Why did she freak out last night...its like she forgot how to latch?

2. Will these over-filled breasts settle or is it now going to mess up my supply?

3. Can I do anything to feel healthier and more energetic while all this is happening? I have black circles round my eyes, no appetite (force myself to eat to maintain milk production), constant upset tummy, and pretty stressed!

Thanks for any help.

worldgonecrazy Fri 08-Mar-13 09:25:57

If you have no appetite, that is unusual, and combined with the upset tummy, I'm wondering if you've picked up a tummy bug? Most breastfeeding mums I've met have all said they couldn't cram the food in quickly enough and I know what they meant.

To get to feel healthier you do need to eat and ensure that you are drinking plenty of fluids too. Bananas and cheese are really good snacks, so try and eat little and often. Fizzy drinks can have a settling effect, so maybe try drinking cola or lemonade to see if that helps.

In the evenings you an have a small glass of wine too. Also get someone else to have the baby whilst you grab whatever sleep you can.

Kicking of legs may mean she had a bit of tummy ache, your breastmilk/suckling will help her settle down. Stick with it, when you're in the early hormonal stage every triumph and setback will be magnified out of all proportion. Get as much help as you can for you, get someone else to cook, clean, change nappies, do the laundry, etc.

Your boobs will settle down but it takes a couple of weeks. Can you get to a real life breastfeeding support group so that you can chat through your hopes, fears and issues with other mums who have been there?

ckwkatie Fri 08-Mar-13 21:18:49

Thanks for reply! Midwife agreed with you...she suspected tummy ache. Baby does seem to have frequent hiccoughs, wind, etc.

I've also unfortunately developed mastisis, the out of hours GP has just diagnosed me and DP has gone to fill prescription. Though baby has nearly gained a pound since her last weigh-in, I'm really sure I've got some latch issues where she's not properly draining the breast.

Feel fluey, achey, and blah today, but have tried to eat more. Hopefully will get past these issues soon! Thanks again.

RockabillyKitty Fri 08-Mar-13 21:48:03

the kicking legs thing can be wind - she could have gulped a bit with the first suck, happens to my DS so I burp him and then put him back on the boob.

I had REALLY sore boobs the first few days as they were getting used to the milk coming in, they do settle down - make sure you have a decent bra and a soft sleep bra as well.

You can't feel energetic really in the first few weeks no matter what - don't be hard on yourself! You could try iron tablets, although natural iron supplement is better (SpaTone from Boots) as the tablets can make you constipated.

You're doing really well - it gets easier in about the third week xx

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