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Help! Bottle strike!

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squirmyworm Tue 20-Jan-04 21:39:15

Help. DS is now 13 weeks and has been happily taking a bottle of breastmilk from my dh at his late (10pm) feed for three or four weeks now, along with occasional other bottles when I am out. Suddenly yesterday he absolutely refused to take any milk from the bottle so went from about midday until 7pm without a feed (I was out) then took his bottle like a lamb from me when I came home. Today, same again. No feeding between midday and 8pm, bits of crying and then a hungry and sleepy gulp down of bottle when I came home and gave it to him. I'm worried that a) my dh is getting depressed and wondering why ds will take it from me and not him (suspect it's just b'cos by time I get home he's starving...) b) that going without milk all these hours is bad for ds - particularly since he has not gained much weight in the last few weeks c) that I have to go back to work in 2.5 months and it will have to be sorted by then. any advice anyone please?

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