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How to stay awake during night feeds part 8 - bring your snacks and join the fun!

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GoatBongosAnonymous Tue 05-Mar-13 15:20:29

Here we go at 7001 messages!

tinkletinklestar Thu 07-Mar-13 07:34:59


I had the best night so far last night, 10-3.

It seems being a bit cruel yesterday helped, I was distracting/white noise/ rocking until she reached 4 hours for the next feed.

I think shes only been drinking 3oz hence the lack if space between feeds. Hopefully I can keep this up today!

GoatBongosAnonymous Thu 07-Mar-13 10:40:08

18 D&Vless hours and counting! grin

larlemucker Thu 07-Mar-13 12:10:41

Well I have spoken to my nana. My auntie is upset as I put a comment on fb after she sent our Xmas card with my parents married name on the envelope (mum been dead 5 years, parents separated for 9 years). Apparently I'm not allowed to be upset by her lack of thought Family, bloody pain!!!!!!!!

Smallgreenone Thu 07-Mar-13 12:16:48

Hi all, I'm still lurking! Baby small had an awful night on Tuesday and I was fully prepared for a repeat but then he slept through confused. I can only think he must be ill! He is also refusing to eat anything today but will guzzle his bottles. Do weaned babies do food refusing does anyone know? Is my food that bad?! I can't see a tooth so don't think it's that and he is otherwise fine.
I haven't really caught up on the thread but will with my next bad night which will probably be tonight!

GoatBongosAnonymous Thu 07-Mar-13 13:34:25

small I find that Kid tends either to want milk or food on any one day. I got told to look at intake over a week rather than a day for peace of mind!

larle confused re your aunt. Hope she is over it and things are on the mend!

Susieloo Thu 07-Mar-13 13:58:48

Hello everyone, dp did night feeds last night which was great as we were in no nap hell all day yesterday, I was explaining to him how frustrating it is trying to get him to sleep in the day and his response was "you've been off with him for 8 months he should be Ina routine by now" I was not impressed!!!

Very strange day today, all bottles refused up until now and I've had to switch back to a slow flowing teat and a bottle of ready to feed. He's been v grumpy and clingy the last couple of days so I'm wondering if its teeth, looks like the babies are conspiring again marbles smile

Hello daddy funch, feel free to de lurk if you feel like letting us know how your days are going, we would love to hear from you.

Mountains of house work to do but coffee first I think.

Babybeesmama Thu 07-Mar-13 16:43:12

Brilliant that he slept through small! I think food refusing is normal when weaning, & we found some days DD ate barely anything then next day ate loads! He could be getting a tooth tho!

Susie, I think I would be angry at DH if he said that to me!!

Oh larle sad hope you sort things out! Shame she didn't just call you & sort it out at time rather than letting it go on & you worrying she didn't care. Hope you can sort it out thanks!

We've been at play centre today as usual - baby bee went on slides on my knee! He's still under the weather but seems a little better than last night. Only drunk 4oz of milk all day tho so I imagine we will have a feedathon tonight!! X

MrsNPattz Thu 07-Mar-13 17:43:52

Hi guys - can I ask a question? Does anyone find themselves feeling bored? I have been feeling like this recently and it makes me feel really guilty!

Larle oh no I hope you sort things out!

Susie I would be really annoyed at that!

Hope poorly babies feel better soon xx

Susieloo Thu 07-Mar-13 17:58:31

I'm frequently bored mrsn!!!! Think it's a normal part of it all, def don't feel guilty about it.

small babyloo's appetite changes all the time and we had a few days not long ago when he didn't want any food but was ploughing through milk-I rang the hv in the end because on one day he had about 30oz!!!

Today he's not been interested in either bottles or sleep so not sure what tonight will bring, dp on shift now until Sunday night so I can get some rest drink wine

larle families are so complicated sometimes!!!

heff how are your teeth?

Good news on the d&v front goat

<waves> to everyone else stitch, twinkle, marbles, brain, pink and hope I haven't left anyone out!!

Smallgreenone Thu 07-Mar-13 19:18:36

Oh well he seems normal then! Babies are so contrary! He did eat some of those carrot stick things that look like wotsits but aren't and an Ella's organic biscuit just refused everything from me with a spoon. He's in bed now and I will not be long behind him as I'm anticipating a bad night. Also DH wants us to go out tomorrow night so I need to get some energy.
Mrsn- yes to feeling bored! I think that may be why my online shopping habit has spiralled out of control!

Babybeesmama Thu 07-Mar-13 19:36:42

Mrsn I did find with DD I sometimes felt bored, I don't have time to be bored anymore! Well, I mean we go out everyday, there's always some activity planned, mostly mornings, then we come home for lunch usually & sometimes nip out or see friends around 3. I hate being in the house all day - drives me bonkers! I did find with DD that when I went back to work it made the days off that I had with her really special so I never felt bored!

Speaking of work - had an e mail today and they are asking people if they would like to drop days/hours (nhs money saving!! - even tho dept is still short staffed!) and also asking people to take unpaid leave to help save money! I'm going back 2.5 days so I might ask to take 1 day per week unpaid so for first month I'm only doing 1.5 days per week. Dreading it!!

Expecting a bad one tonight - just because they are all bad at the minute!! X

Babybeesmama Thu 07-Mar-13 19:41:26

Oh forgot to say small - I did baby bee some pear and baby rice this afternoon - he pulled faces and made gagging gestures - its normally his favourite, so I thought oh not hungry, he then pinched DD's breadstick and houmous - loved it & tried to bite breadstick - cue screaming when I took it away, so DH got him an Ella's kitchen pouch of apples and bananas and he wolfed the lot down! confused Obviously my cooking is not up to his standard' x

EeyoresGloomyPlace Thu 07-Mar-13 19:47:01

goat how is kid today? Hope your quarantine period is soon at an end.

funch I think you're pretty much right in your view on DH involvement, I suppose my problem is that it is easier to allow it than to 'force' him to get better, seeing as he never has had the same involvement as me and never can while he's at work and I'm on leave also I am a massive control freak not to mention demanding perfectionist so you're right that probably its due to circumstance, but then again I still feel I've been more in tune with both girls as babies from the beginning. Anyway though, he's fab with toddlers so I let him off, despite the regular occasional grumble wink <waves> to daddyfunch if you're out there, hope you're enjoying your time with baby funch, de-lurk and come discuss cake with us in the early hours soon smile

Teeth ok today thanks susie, just a bit sore around where the anaesthetic was injected. I'm such a weed though, most of you probably wouldn't have batted an eyelid!

mrsn I definitely get the boredom, don't worry it's perfectly normal. This morning I was seriously bored, had no plans until 2ish and we were up at 7, could feel myself getting really lazy so we got some paints out and did potato prints, babylump mushed some carrot around and then we all had a bath, managed to pass a good few hours and I didn't feel so bad afterwards.

larle such a shame your family didn't speak to you in the first place, have you sorted things out now? Facebook causes so many problems! Hope you're ok xx

Welcome twinkle sorcery to hear of bad start, are you both ok now?

Sorry to anyone I've missed, finishing post now as DH and I are off out for a meal on our own and I've got to go get ready. <Very excited at prospect of time to ourselves>

Hope everyone gets a good night tonight xx

EeyoresGloomyPlace Thu 07-Mar-13 19:49:39

Sorcery? Sorry... Stoopid phone <mutters>

funchum8am Thu 07-Mar-13 20:08:21

Excited for you having a DATE heff!! Cannot wait for my dm's next visit so we can do the same.

Mrsn I was bored quite a lot, and I knew I would be, hence early return to work grin. Now when I see her I always want a bit more time with her which is lovely (though in the evenings I see her after nap and do bedtime so 5:15-7:00 but she is often very tired which makes it a bit hard work. Really looking forward to Saturday and my babyfunch time when DH is at rugby. the fact I plan to go to the new local patisserie not a factor at all

I have realised I never feel tired at work and am pretty ok at home as I can go to bed early, so have started to feel more normal than I have in months. I think DH gets a fairly good deal since I utterly sympathise when he is exhausted and am really happy to help if he should reach breaking point. We are a good team on nights!

Larle glad you have worked out what the problem was, hope your aunty stops stropping.

Brain are you out there?!

Goat hope you are post quarantine soon if not already!

Argh can't see other posts to reply to on app, hang on....

funchum8am Thu 07-Mar-13 20:09:32

Welcome twinkle!

Susie hope the weird behaviour and eating settles down soon.

Small am very envious of your full night of sleep!

MrsNPattz Thu 07-Mar-13 21:05:40

Glad it's not just me then - I feel guilty about so many things when it comes to little man. I think I will look for another class to go to. And try and plan as much as I can. When is everyone back to work again? I'm back in September. I really, really want to get to goal so I can apply to be a WW leader while I'm still off.

I'm knackered tonight as usual! It's funny how you say you aren't as tired now you are back at work Funch, just shows how tiring it is even though I feel like I'm not doing anything half the time.

Heff my mouth was sore where the injections went after I got my tooth out so you are not a wimp! Or I'm a wimp too grin

GoatBongosAnonymous Thu 07-Mar-13 21:30:35

I am out tonight! Without Kid!! On my own!!!
Keep looking in my bag and thinking 'oh **, I have forgotten the nappy bag - disaster!' grin
This is the third time in nearly 8 months that I have left the house without him...

Yep to boredom. Sometimes I think if I have to build that damn tower to be knocked over one more time, I shall throw it all out the window confused Just as well Kid has a really catching giggle to keep me going!

Quarantine nearly up! Should make class tomorrow morning.

MissingMyMarbles Fri 08-Mar-13 00:10:54

Heff I think your DH and mine, and you and me seem to be scarily alike, as I could have written that paragraph about DH's grin

Hello Tinkle smile

I'm back at work three weeks on Monday - booooo! Although, as I do have to go back I am looking forward to starting my new jobsmile

Missmarbles has self-settledshock and I'm sure it's not a one-off either!! We ended up co-sleeping last night as she just wouldn't settle in her cot and being as I really needed to sleep, I cut my losses early. Tonight began badly but she flipped onto her tummy and went to sleep! Then when we checked her, as we were coming to bed I think it woke her, so I fed her at half eleven, and had a transfer failure but she didn't sound serious so I shut the door and ducked behind the cot to see what would happen; within 30 seconds she was on her tummy and asleep! Now I am crapping myself and not expecting to sleep a wink despite thinking that she will probably sleep all nightconfused

MissingMyMarbles Fri 08-Mar-13 00:14:53

Fun times Goat and Heff! grin Enjoy!

Missmarbles is a bit on and off from meal to meal, Small, and a determined spoon refusergrin I was forced to do BLW whether I wanted to or not. I planned on doing a mix but she wouldn't allow it! She does let me feed some things with a spoon now; think she worked out that yoghurt and soup are actually quite difficult to eat with your hands wink

MrsNPattz Fri 08-Mar-13 00:16:20

First feed here, I can tell his mouth is sore poor love - hope this tooth emerges very soon!

MissingMyMarbles Fri 08-Mar-13 02:34:45

Ha! So wrong about decent sleep! Been up twice since midnight already...

Smallgreenone Fri 08-Mar-13 02:40:04

Well tonight not eating today he's had his first feed at same time as normal.
Hope miss marbles stays sleeping for you
I'm back in September too but not 100% I'm going to go back yet after they got rid of my job I used to do! They will offer me something else but I only want to do 3 days anyway and 2 of those days I want to be at home so not sure they will agree to it! To be honest I don't need a super super career and would secretly be very happy with a part time job in my favourite shop..........waitrose! The salary wouldn't be the same but we'd save a fortune on our weekly shop which currently costs a small fortune!
Hope you're all snoozing

EeyoresGloomyPlace Fri 08-Mar-13 03:32:36

Third night in a row of two-hourly wakings sad She surely can't keep this up?!

Had a lovely meal out with DH, then popped into our local on the way home but DM called at 10 to say babylump was wake and had got herself into a state so had to abandon and come home. Nice night while it lasted though! goat how was your night off?

marbles its good to know I'm not alone, sometimes I look at everyone else's DH getting really involved with baby care and I think it must just be mine who is a bit pants!

Attempting transfer, desperately hoping for more than two hours sleep this tune xxx

daddyfunch Fri 08-Mar-13 03:53:19

Right, time to de-lurk and say "Hello"! Am taking up my customary 3.30am spot on the sofa while babyfunch settles after a mixed night so far. Would quite like her to be on top form today as planning to go swimming for the first time this morning - any advice?

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